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Really fantastic work from OliV and Martin!! It's only great. I used Olis mix :-)

I played the whole Track two lines. It was really difficult, to make sure it is not boring or full of mistakes. But I think it works.
I have much enjoyed this to develop and to play. I hope you could enjoy the listen. :-)

HD is only MP3, but also the highest quality that I can make. 48 kHz, 319 kbit


May 05 2016 02:42:53
PsychoPsycho Pure franky style for sure... and very well done, especially the second half. A good melody you put to this one... enjoyed it very much smile.gif
+1 May 10 2016 13:29:09 Psychofrankyguitar
Thanx so much Bruce!! So great you enjoyed!! smile.gif smile.gif
May 03 2016 07:13:04
GirardGirard 3:57 smile.gif and the entire section it is in. Wow!
May 03 2016 07:11:14
GirardGirard 1:40 1:44. Slide at 1:59 Grin. 3:29 !!!
May 03 2016 02:54:19
HiFiFlutesHiFiFlutes Tricky tune well done !! Sounds very good.
+1 May 03 2016 06:44:41 HiFiFlutesfrankyguitar
Thanx very much Chris! smile.gif Yes, You are right. It's not so simple as seems. And to play 5min. and hold it in tension is not easy . Maybe i could it do here.
May 02 2016 18:59:41
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler supersmile.gif
+1 May 02 2016 19:39:49 Lenny Cowlerfrankyguitar
Thank you very much Lenny !! I'm pleased you like it smile.gif
May 02 2016 17:01:28
mortheolmortheol Mein lieber Frank, das ist Ihre feinsten musikalischen Arbeit bisher!
Du mich verblüffen. So stolz auf Du!Grin
Ein wunderbar Melodie bewegt sich in diesem
Sehr, sehr gut mein Freund.

+1 May 02 2016 17:17:42 mortheolmortheol
Oh Man Frank...This is SO DAMN GOOD!!!!Grin
May 02 2016 19:39:01 mortheolfrankyguitar
Ein ganz großes Dankeschön Ron!! Es freut mich riesig, dass Du den Track so sehr magst. smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif
May 02 2016 16:51:30
GirardGirard VERY good Franky!!!!!! So many good parts can't name them all. The slides the twirls, spins, flips etc !!!
+2 May 02 2016 19:36:15 Girardfrankyguitar
Thank you very much Girard! It feels so good to read your fine comment. smile.gif
May 03 2016 04:02:58 GirardGirard
This might be your best jam
May 02 2016 16:34:57
OliVBeeOliVBee cool smile.gif glad you could enjoy the music !
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