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May 16 2016 12:45:45
kennyadrykennyadry Just caught this one with Alby and Martin's add! THis surely is great Marc!
+1 May 16 2016 15:15:35 kennyadryMarceys
Thanks kenny! smile.gif
May 14 2016 13:28:36
AlbyAlby Amazing template, Marc! smile.gif
+1 May 14 2016 20:33:10 AlbyMarceys
Thanks Alby! You did an awesome job to this track! Love it! smile.gif
May 07 2016 18:16:31
Ernie440Ernie440 This sounds really nice Mr.!
+1 May 07 2016 22:01:36 Ernie440Marceys
Thanks a lot! smile.gif
May 06 2016 12:56:24
nuno1959nuno1959 Beautiful template Marceys, i missed these.. Wink
+1 May 07 2016 22:01:04 nuno1959Marceys
Thank you Nuno! You missed this track, or tracks like these? smile.gif
May 08 2016 00:23:08 nuno1959nuno1959
Tracks like these, with this uber cool feel as you know how to do so well.. Wink
May 08 2016 11:14:22 nuno1959Marceys
Hey man, see that you are comming to Germany to in September, that means we are gonna jam live! Way cool and looking forward! smile.gif
May 08 2016 14:05:34 nuno1959nuno1959
OH MY GOODNESS !! Yes it's true…
Now, what if i freeze ? Make loads of mistakes ?
See the load of stress you've got me now until September ?
& i KNOW you did it on purpose - i'll die of an anxiety attack… - you're mean….. Grin Grin Grin
May 08 2016 20:13:34 nuno1959Marceys
No it just means we are gonna get the crowd crazy! smile.gif
May 06 2016 03:12:20
goldtop68goldtop68 what only 22 thumbs up, this needs more!
+1 May 07 2016 22:00:27 goldtop68Marceys
Thanks, it's no competiton! smile.gif
May 05 2016 17:47:53
TofzegritTofzegrit Not heard yet ! now, done smile.gif
I like this pulse in the yellow part, that cuts good with the green one and I was waiting a solo in the red part but it's a break and it fits very well!
Well Done Marc !

+1 May 05 2016 21:49:13 TofzegritMarceys
I didn't do much solo's lately! Want to leave space for others..... But I will do a solo one of these days again! smile.gif

Thanks a lot Tof! smile.gif
May 05 2016 15:34:46
StefStef Superb keys Marc! I waiting great adds! smile.gif
+1 May 05 2016 21:47:04 StefMarceys
It would be cool to hear some adds indeed! smile.gif
May 05 2016 08:18:42
onewholeftonewholeft Nice keys
+1 May 05 2016 21:46:37 onewholeftMarceys
Thanks Lairdy! smile.gif
May 04 2016 22:58:42
aleonzaleonz a good way to wake up in the morning is finding a lovely track like yours! sweet feeling
+2 May 05 2016 00:40:27 aleonzMarceys
Always good to hear these things Alice! Glad I could good you a fine feeling while wakening up! smile.gif

Think it's my turn to go to sleep now...
May 04 2016 21:47:52
PeixePeixe I love the yellow part Marc. This 3 beat division is very cool.
+1 May 05 2016 00:38:58 PeixeMarceys
Was not so easy for me to stay in the groove with the yellow part without any drums... smile.gif
May 05 2016 00:44:32 PeixePeixe
Yeah. I can imagine that. I usually change the beat in my daw for that. Even though is better a natural division. But the result is great. It is full of groovenesssmile.gif

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