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Incredible rhythm section jam by these guys. I thank you both !

This is my little experiment as wild as it may be =)

Not sure about the mix so I included my part just in case....


June 30 2016 18:50:37
PyrrhicPyrrhic Supersmile.gif
May 20 2016 15:07:27
TG_StratTG_Strat Hehehe nice one Bruce. See what you made me do now smile.gif
+1 May 29 2016 19:40:57 TG_StratPsycho
I'm a bit late on some of these. I enjoy commenting as you well know, and must thank you for this and the cool add you did on it smile.gif
May 08 2016 12:55:33
WadeWade This feels like it a Goldilocks tune for you. Not to fast not too slow, not too edgy not too laid back...everything "just right".
+2 May 29 2016 19:39:34 WadePsycho
Man I almost missed this great line! You got me rolling Wade... a goldilocks tune... that's funny as heck. Sometimes I will be tame, but not too often smile.gif Thanks for the great laugh !!
May 07 2016 22:38:06
bondjolinobondjolino ca déchire!!
+1 May 07 2016 23:43:45 bondjolinoPsycho
Had to look it up, very kind of you... thanks smile.gif
May 06 2016 22:03:03
GuitarPlyrGuitarPlyr Nice guitar rock playin' Bruce smile.gif
+1 May 06 2016 23:55:52 GuitarPlyrPsycho
Man, I just went for it... I normally have to really think these out. Thanks for the nice words GP smile.gif
May 06 2016 18:59:40
BalfoBalfo Absolutely great Psycho, fits perfect!
+1 May 06 2016 23:54:13 BalfoPsycho
Thanks a ton Balfo... was a dandy for sure smile.gif
May 06 2016 17:55:51
ivaxivax great guitar, very good Psych
+1 May 06 2016 23:51:26 ivaxPsycho
Thanks very much ivax... this was definitely different from my usual choice, but I like to try new things sometimes smile.gif
May 06 2016 17:28:37
frankyguitarfrankyguitar This is great! Very cool sound and fab playing Bruce! Towards the end it's brilliant! smile.gif
+2 May 06 2016 23:49:23 frankyguitarPsycho
Thank you franky... no doubt this was a cool one to try. More rhythm tracks may be in the future smile.gif
May 06 2016 16:09:50
axenvocsaxenvocs Sounds fantastic Bruce
+1 May 06 2016 23:46:04 axenvocsPsycho
Oh it was such a blast to try this one, thanks axen smile.gif
May 06 2016 15:58:00
jimkaroljimkarol Great Groove B!
+1 May 06 2016 23:45:31 jimkarolPsycho
Thanks Jim... I have noticed a lot of rhythm tracks here lately so I thought I best get with the program smile.gif
Sounds like: [ Don't know? ] [ Hip Hop ]
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