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After hearing a few different versions of this, I really enjoyed everyones take on it. Such great talented people here. I wanted to do a more traditional approach and attempt some Neil. I love singing this style. Thanks all for the great tracks! :)show lyrics


May 15 2016 22:51:16
CarpenterCarpenter great vocals, super-cool song
+1 May 16 2016 03:32:28 CarpenterJDF
Hey, thank you so much smile.gif It is a cool song. Was fun doing it. smile.gif
May 12 2016 02:03:08
StefStef WoW! Great vocal JDF! Love it! smile.gif
+1 May 14 2016 04:21:15 StefJDF
Hey! Thank you so much! smile.gif Glad you dig it smile.gif
May 11 2016 18:59:56
aleonzaleonz oh this is so beautiful James, love this version of yours! very great lyrics, and you sounds gorgeous singin in this track...
+1 May 11 2016 21:59:24 aleonzJDF
Hey smile.gif Thank you so much. I'm glad you like it smile.gif Love singin this stuff smile.gif
May 11 2016 13:19:30
goldtop68goldtop68 in Canada , the radio stations must play a percentage of "Canadian content"
this would easily pass for the dude who played in bands with animals in their names, great job!

+2 May 11 2016 21:58:17 goldtop68JDF
Wow, very cool for sure. Thank you so much for that smile.gif
May 11 2016 09:15:20
LieschingLiesching Just like you singing this Style. Great, great voice and talent!
+1 May 11 2016 21:57:40 LieschingJDF
Awesome. Thank you so much man. Very cool smile.gif
May 11 2016 06:49:49
pklieschpkliesch Agree with raimond. Great R.E.M. Touch. Love it, Mr. JDF smile.gif
+1 May 11 2016 21:57:12 pklieschJDF
Hey, thank you so much man smile.gif
May 11 2016 04:37:27
rp3drumsrp3drums JDF, great job, your voice sounds great! I like that you did a "Neil" version smile.gif, although I hear a touch of REM in this song...which is a very good thing. Thanks so much for joining the jam!
+1 May 11 2016 21:56:47 rp3drumsJDF
Thank you so very much! I love this material smile.gif
May 11 2016 01:43:08
cody trippcody tripp Fantastic
+1 May 11 2016 21:55:34 cody trippJDF
Thank you! smile.gif
May 11 2016 01:35:29
glennpglennp Well done. Spot on Neil vocals...Cool track. I hope to add my own remix soon...
+2 May 11 2016 21:55:20 glennpJDF
Thanks Glen. Can't wait to hear it smile.gif
May 11 2016 01:07:34
Ernie440Ernie440 A wikiloops classic! What a great Neil you did JDF and cool lyrics too ... excellence man! Still grinning ... smile.gif Thank you!!
+1 May 11 2016 21:54:47 Ernie440JDF
Very cool! Thank you so much man smile.gif Glad you liked it smile.gif
May 11 2016 22:07:06 Ernie440Ernie440
It's really good, my wife listened to it last nite and said, "that's better than most stuff on the radio" smile.gif
Sounds like: [ neil young ]
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