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Hope you enjoy. :) I just went with the flow on this one. Hope it sounds ok, sometimes my mind is a little strange, momentary tone deafness strikes without warning sometimes ! :) Thanks for the F# tunage my friend. I was happy to play this Black Locust wood flute again !


May 14 2016 12:25:04
petebasspetebass Beautiful track Chris, well done both of you guyssmile.gif
May 14 2016 07:32:29
mortheolmortheol Wow Chris...Simply Amazing my Friend!
You have such a wonderful ear.
I knew you wanted F# and you nailed this.
I used two tunings on my guitar, open F# chords and capo to a F#.
I tried to play this in a flow and pace anticipating how your flute would sound.
I think we really connected on this one and sound great together.Grin

May 14 2016 05:34:33
GirardGirard Very NICE!!! I love you man!! YOu are one of my favorite musicians here. I wish I could entice you onto more of my tracks.

Does using the note F# as the root help you? I'd jam F# every day if that would bring more interest from you lol

+0 May 14 2016 05:40:41 GirardHiFiFlutes
Thank you Girard, I play like 5 different flutes most. Fingering is an issue I have been working on. the flutes are a minor pent scale and crossfingering becomes odd when playing a flute whos fundamental is different. But I am learning which flutes can do what over time. The f# flute is just one that I don't play too often. I really like it though. I will look for some of your stuff to get into. You have made it a must for me with your very kind comments ): thx again Girard !
May 14 2016 05:44:37 GirardGirard
Well no obligation, I know how much talent is here, so I don't expect much attention. I just figured i'd tell you you are ALWAYS wanted in my book
May 14 2016 05:45:37 GirardGirard
I'm gonna go do an F# jam for you. I'll leave it nice and wide open for your magic. If you like it then great smile.gif if not, i'll try again lol
May 14 2016 05:46:48 GirardHiFiFlutes
eagerly awaiting smile.gif
May 14 2016 05:47:40 GirardGirard
I'll be back in a few!

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