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I'm not so much a Metal Head, but instead a Rock Head. So I hear this cool Stella track and couldn't help but have a bit of quick fun with it. Thanks for the good time jam... these quickies can be rough around the edges but a blast none-the-less =)


May 19 2016 19:36:36
heliandrosheliandros wow, this version is also on top smile.gif
+1 May 20 2016 00:10:47 heliandrosPsycho
Thank you heli... it was a spur of the moment blast of excitement smile.gif
May 19 2016 19:30:57
StellaStella I keep getting several e-mail notifications of this, saying you have joined my jam, maybe it's trying to tell me something 👑 I crown you 24 times on your 24 thrones! Awesomeness. (deleted previous compliment by mistake...doh!)
+1 May 20 2016 00:09:45 StellaPsycho
That is one heck of a nice compliment Stella. Maybe one of the best I've ever read. Thanks very much for relaying it sister. I totally enjoyed this and also the other version. Thing is, without your excellent track I'd never had so much fun smile.gif what a great team of players we have here !!
May 18 2016 22:52:31
frenziefrenzie Great you got it going on here! Totally cool! smile.gif
+1 May 18 2016 23:34:31 frenziePsycho
Thanks frenz smile.gif
May 18 2016 20:18:40
tullicbrtullicbr Wooow Genial!!!! smile.gif
+1 May 18 2016 23:49:24 tullicbrPsycho
It's almost too crazy for me to hear again... but it has a following, so it stays. Thanks tulli smile.gif
May 19 2016 12:13:51 tullicbrtullicbr
see I do with this..😼
May 18 2016 19:54:12
StellaStella Wow...speechless.
In awe 🎸

+1 May 18 2016 23:48:06 StellaPsycho
I am hearing this after 24 hours and it's got some issues... but there are some cool parts. With that I'm happy you approve smile.gif Thanks for the great track to work with gal !!
May 18 2016 17:12:34
StefStef Great lead guitar Bruce! Really inspired! smile.gif
+1 May 18 2016 23:45:49 StefPsycho
Thanks Stef... this is me without any respect for what I love... but it was fun smile.gif
May 18 2016 16:27:50
kennyadrykennyadry One rock head! smile.gif Great tapping on the intro!
+1 May 18 2016 23:43:45 kennyadryPsycho
It's too wild, but I threw it up anyway. Thanks kenny smile.gif
May 18 2016 15:18:48
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler excellent brosmile.gif
+1 May 18 2016 23:42:54 Lenny CowlerPsycho
Thanks Lenny smile.gif
May 18 2016 13:51:02
JeebsieJeebsie Nice one matesmile.gif
+1 May 18 2016 23:42:41 JeebsiePsycho
Well thank you Jeebs smile.gif
May 18 2016 10:31:52
BassterBasster Great leadguitar buddy - like that singin sound Wink
+1 May 18 2016 23:42:15 BassterPsycho
I do like to make weird sounds on the guitar... this is a prime thanks Basster smile.gif
Sounds like: [ metal ] [ fusion ]

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