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Cody-Tom did an absolutely beautiful job on this and when I heard it the lyrics came. Guess I better do what the music tells me to. Interested to see what can be added to this. I added some ghostly backing vocals as well. :) Never pegged Tom as an Opeth fan but that just goes to show how influential all forms of music can be. I have a WIDE range of things I listen to. If the music speaks to me, I listen. This spoke to me. Thank you Tom! ....enjoy another happy tune from me. haha! Please add anything! ;) show lyrics


August 03 2016 22:10:41
ShiShi oops i missed this one Cody and kells, real nice from you both smile.gif
May 25 2016 00:08:35
+1 May 25 2016 00:09:12 WHITEPONGOKellsBells
Thanks Chris...check out the remix, I added a thunderstorm! Wink
May 23 2016 12:08:51
LieschingLiesching Love the ghostly whispers. You create so beautiful atmospheres with your soft and tender voice, Kelly. Bravo!
+1 May 25 2016 00:09:49 LieschingKellsBells
Thank you Marc! What a warm, kind compliment. smile.gif
May 22 2016 17:16:47
pklieschpkliesch Dark mood in this cool song. Fine singin, Kelly,,Great backings! smile.gif
+1 May 25 2016 00:10:21 pklieschKellsBells
Thank you Patrick! Good to see you here at Wikiloops! smile.gif
May 22 2016 01:42:39
WadeWade This works so well. You've got such a good feeling for creating atmosphere.
+1 May 22 2016 16:21:24 WadeKellsBells
Thank you so much Wade. Working on a remix of this with some added/different atmosphere as we speak. Wink
May 19 2016 23:18:04
MidoruMidoru Great job, Kells - love the dark ambience of this tune.
+1 May 19 2016 23:28:52 MidoruKellsBells
Thank you Midoru. This music was beautiful. I could not resist.
May 19 2016 03:53:54
bhunt1bhunt1 great tune!
+1 May 19 2016 04:33:08 bhunt1KellsBells
Thank you! Cody did all the work, the rest just flowed like water. smile.gif
May 19 2016 03:40:51
goldtop68goldtop68 awesome!
+1 May 19 2016 04:32:26 goldtop68KellsBells
Thank you kindly! smile.gif
May 19 2016 00:28:15
PsychoPsycho Master of the eerie world... totally enjoyed this one Kelly... well done smile.gif
+1 May 19 2016 04:32:01 PsychoKellsBells
Eerie, spooky, Master. Lol all words I enjoy hearing about myself. Kelvira making a comeback? Lol Thanks Bruce, I'm happy you liked it! Grin
May 19 2016 00:00:01
HiFiFlutesHiFiFlutes So good ! This is outstanding smile.gif Very much enjoying smile.gif
+1 May 19 2016 04:30:31 HiFiFlutesKellsBells
Thank you Chris! I just saw you added. I'm so excited to listen. I've been so busy I feel like I am too far behind here at the Loops. Been down in the back, got kicked by a horse. Had MRI today, so I sang this one on muscle relaxers. Ha-ha hope it was ok!
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