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Another good one that I made longer, and this time the long version (without my add) is in HD.

Put a long intro and outro on this, with a big hole in the middle. Green = hole for you =)

Thanks cody for all you do!


May 23 2016 22:55:12
docnatdocnat Epic!
+1 May 24 2016 00:20:28 docnatPsycho
Thanks Doc, it was an emotional gig smile.gif
May 21 2016 06:37:15
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler fantastic playsmile.gif
+1 May 21 2016 07:56:18 Lenny CowlerPsycho
Thanks Lenny... I think I'm toasted now... lol
May 21 2016 04:55:12
HiFiFlutesHiFiFlutes This is Awesome Bruce !! I just did a version of this, now hear this ... I must enter this jam smile.gif
+1 May 21 2016 07:57:18 HiFiFlutesPsycho
Yeah, jump in, that's what it's for my friend. I must go listen to your version, thanks !!
May 21 2016 03:41:57
cody trippcody tripp Fantastic !!!!
+1 May 21 2016 04:13:40 cody trippPsycho
Another beaut cody... had to give this one a shot. Enjoyed every second while working on it, thanks buddy smile.gif
May 21 2016 03:28:26
ivaxivax Fantastic Psych,by chance I made this version at the same time as you, but I have not yet uploaded it, I'll try up your guitar to see if it fits, but if I see that there is good I will upload it separately, thanks friend
+1 May 21 2016 03:31:01 ivaxPsycho
Anything goes here my friend. I sorta rushed this, (the lead anyway)... so whatever works for you, works for me... as always smile.gif thanks !!
May 21 2016 03:35:15 ivaxivax
May 21 2016 03:25:54
KellsBellsKellsBells ♥...those wails and that tone. Wonderbeautyfulawesomeness! Yes, that's a word. Wink
+1 May 21 2016 03:29:08 KellsBellsPsycho
Thanks stranger smile.gif Good to see ya gal. Cool word... I'll use it! I must step out for a bit and will be back to add more cool music to this place smile.gif
Sounds like: [ ballad ]

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