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Hope you enjoy. I played this for a visiting ( very close ) friend a short time ago :) Fumbling, I could not find the exact correct flutage for this track. so, I used my E ash wood flute here. some weird fingering lessons for me with this ! She said it sounded good so here it is ! Hope it sounds ok to yall to :) Thanks Cody !


May 21 2016 12:07:45
abuitremoremabuitremorem i follow Ivax smile.gif
+0 May 25 2016 01:24:34 abuitremoremHiFiFlutes
Thanks Abu ! Always pleased to hear from you. Thanks again my friend smile.gif
May 21 2016 11:35:56
ivaxivax Fantastic Chris smile.gif
+0 May 25 2016 01:23:47 ivaxHiFiFlutes
Thanks my friend ! I am happy when you comment on my renderings smile.gif thanks for listening and happy you enjoyed this track smile.gif
May 21 2016 06:16:33
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler very nicesmile.gif
+0 May 25 2016 01:21:29 Lenny CowlerHiFiFlutes
Thanks Lenny . A very fun to play mellow track smile.gif Glad you enjoyed this music smile.gif
May 21 2016 05:16:17
cody trippcody tripp YES !!
+0 May 25 2016 01:17:34 cody trippHiFiFlutes
Thanks Heaps Cody !! So glad you like this smile.gif Sorry so long to reply. I have way too few hours in a day lately. Shoulder surgery coming on june 1st. we shall see how this works out ?) Apparently a long recovery process. I will play a three hole flute for a while smile.gif
May 21 2016 05:01:58
KellsBellsKellsBells She was right! It sounds great, Chris! Always such a peaceful element to your adds. You make each song a little bit more weightless and magical. smile.gif
+0 May 21 2016 05:05:56 KellsBellsHiFiFlutes
Thanks Kell ! Always good to hear from you as well. super happy you dig it !
May 21 2016 04:54:00
PsychoPsycho Good fumble job HiFi... sounds great man smile.gif
+0 May 21 2016 04:56:29 PsychoHiFiFlutes
Thanks heaps !! I appreciate your kind words smile.gif
May 21 2016 07:58:16 PsychoPsycho
I came to listen again, very cool smile.gif

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