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Starship to Velvet Sun get lost in the outer space's depths after the star's collapse.
The crew seems to be alive but under influence.
Ground control on earth pickep up a tranmission from Major Frank containing this track and the last order he gave:"Play guitar!!!"

This file also contains an enigmatic message to Earth:
"We need Zippo fluid and matches!!!" ---End of transmission---

Many thanks to rp3drums, Brian and Frank...
This track started as an Hiphop one and Frank added his superb playing and sound.
I added a left sided guitar supporting Frank's lead.
Brian's bassline was a bit far from the former mix and would deserve to be more present.
We'll do better on next rehearsal guys^^


June 14 2016 18:40:05
Szymon1976Szymon1976 POWER !!!
+1 June 14 2016 18:40:54 Szymon1976Funkystan
Yeah... ^^ Thanks...
Check out my tracks Funky pal ^^
June 13 2016 23:46:11
Pit BrettPit Brett excellent from all of you smile.gif
+1 June 13 2016 23:52:02 Pit BrettFunkystan
Thanks a lot pal... great band... Rocks on ^^
June 11 2016 10:37:29
earlstevenearlsteven great add to a great song, i love this hendricsstyle
+1 June 11 2016 12:05:38 earlstevenFunkystan
Hey pal, thanks a lot...
Always a great fun to play with Frank... Dreaming of a live jamm now ^^
June 11 2016 08:05:36
coupycoupy Working it man...sweet
+1 June 11 2016 12:03:31 coupyFunkystan
Hey Coupy. Thanks^^
Are you working on it?
May 31 2016 06:42:34
francisco alfrancisco al bem legal bom trabalho
+1 May 31 2016 10:11:34 francisco alFunkystan
Muito obrigado Francisco^^
May 26 2016 16:48:14
pklieschpkliesch Great song and perfect add, Stan! smile.gif
+1 May 26 2016 17:14:47 pklieschFunkystan
Thanks a lot Patrick... I've tryed to spot a guitar next to Frank's Hendrix sounding one ^^
May 25 2016 00:31:11
garymcmillgarymcmill Great job by all. Fantastic add Stan!
+1 May 25 2016 10:49:03 garymcmillFunkystan
Thanks a lot Gary... Great fun to play with the band^^
May 24 2016 09:54:41
rp3drumsrp3drums Yeah man this is awesome. I love the duel guitars, together but doing there own thing. Thanks.
+2 May 24 2016 10:10:16 rp3drumsFunkystan
Hey pal, I thank you again. The magic is what it becomes layer after layer. I'm glad I've joined you for the first here. I hope further tracks come soon^^
May 24 2016 02:15:39
bhunt1bhunt1 This is a great jam - Hendrix meets hip hop!
+1 May 24 2016 08:59:51 bhunt1Funkystan
Hi Brian. Yes great jam. I'd like your bass to be more present. So I'll try to remix it using the bass and drums track. I'll send you a rough mix by email ^^
May 23 2016 17:57:52
jaeusmjaeusm Nice playing! Perfect compliment to the tune smile.gif
+1 May 23 2016 18:00:59 jaeusmFunkystan
Thanks a lot Jaeusm^^ Frank kills me on this ^^
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