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Tried to find some suitable lyrics for that very cool additions by Martin, OBlix and Kenny. Not sure about the' quality :) It's recorded on my old mixer and harddisk recorder. My Audio-PC is still crashed :(
Still space for additions. Solo in the middle?

In my early days, I was a little kid
I used to stutter, not just a little bit
Could not say a word without k...k...k...
So they took me to the doctor and he said:

There's no medicine for the problem that you have
Academic studies are not so far yet
There's just one thing you can try, I think
You don't stutter when you sing.

From now on I sang each word I had to say,
Had to say so much, so I sang all day
And the girls said: he is such a romantic guy
He doesn't speak, he sings the lines,
And I said:

Oh no girls, I'm afraid it's not as it seems
There is not a bit of romantic feel in me,
It's just because I stuttered as a little beeing,
and I don't stutter when I sing

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June 11 2016 10:40:16
earlstevenearlsteven das ist grossartig von von a-z
May 30 2016 14:28:11
onewholeftonewholeft Mate you need to sing more often this is great
May 28 2016 15:59:55
LieschingLiesching Very fine lyrics. Love it, bro!
+1 May 29 2016 13:46:25 Lieschingpkliesch
Thank's a lot! Happy Family weekend for you smile.gif
May 27 2016 19:58:19
aleonzaleonz I love the lyrics, love the story, and the way you carried every words of it, everything just right and excellent, great harmonies...BIG WOW Patrick! you light the gecko planets tonight with your song!
+1 May 27 2016 20:03:33 aleonzpkliesch
Planets? I should have known your talent is to big for only 1 planet smile.gif
Thank you mucho grande, Alice!
May 27 2016 20:18:25 aleonzaleonz
oh yeah...we have an extra tiny Winny bitty planet as a back up, gecko can not fold and they like to stretch so we out of space here LOL what a crazy creature
May 27 2016 09:25:21
kennyadrykennyadry This is just so inspiring man! Your singing is so gorgeous, and this lyrics just made my day! I love the execution when you said "he is such a romantic guy"! Grin

PS: The Background sounds Michael Jackson!

+2 May 27 2016 19:44:55 kennyadrypkliesch
Thank's a lot, also for your Great groovin' guitar, Kenny smile.gif
May 27 2016 08:06:35
AKchenAKchen super, ich bin sehr beindruckt vom Text, ganz toll !! toller Gesang smile.gif ein weiterer Hit!!
+1 May 27 2016 19:45:47 AKchenpkliesch
Vielen lieben Dank, akchen! smile.gif
May 26 2016 23:15:10
cody trippcody tripp Killer ! I had a friend, when I was 12, who stuttered very badly. He said his family lived in another country (maybe a military family) and there were bombs being dropped all around them. He said that was when he started stuttering. He never did before that. Real strange.
+2 May 27 2016 19:50:41 cody tripppkliesch
Thank you, Cody! I'm glad you like it. And I agree. We have a Lot of refugees in our country and we hear similar storys about them.
May 26 2016 23:11:52
TofzegritTofzegrit Perfect Pop Star!
May 26 2016 23:08:27
OB-LixOB-Lix That is perfect Patrick. I Just listen to this one with friends on my patio and they all agreed, your voice is just perfect. One said your long notes remind him of Gowan! That's a cool compliments! I like the phaser type back vocals.
+1 May 27 2016 19:51:50 OB-Lixpkliesch
Hey OB! I Thank you for your Kind words and I am glad you like it smile.gif
May 26 2016 21:19:05
garymcmillgarymcmill Such a great song. Like your voice!
+1 May 27 2016 19:52:14 garymcmillpkliesch
Thank's a Lot, Gary ! smile.gif
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