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Second loop today. Like the previous, this was done in one take to minimise the impact on my 'issues'. With this one, I marked out the sections towards the end to remind me where the changes are. Listened a couple of times through then just went for it.

I spotted this track from Kenny in my feed and immediately fell in love with its heavy AC/DC influence in the verse sections. But the other sections turned out to be much less like the Aussie Rockers. In the end I drummed a sort of Phil Rudd meets Chad Smith with Mike Portnoy doing the drum fills. Well, that's how it seemed to end up to me.

Using my Premier XPK snare with my Spaun kit.

That's enough playing from me for a few days again, sorry. I will pay the price tomorrow, even for such a small amount of playing.


No reverb on the HD drums.


July 13 2016 00:52:36
francisco alfrancisco al bom trabalho. legal
May 27 2016 18:39:25
aleonzaleonz Steady ride Martin! you play so tight and great energy, you never lose it man! awesome!
May 27 2016 09:14:04
kennyadrykennyadry AWESOME! Man you really nailed the AC/DC feel over here! Steady beat and the chorus is just rocking cool! I love the sound of your snare man, it is just so so tight which I sooo like! BUt hope your shoulders gets okay man! Sad
+1 May 27 2016 10:02:07 kennyadrympointon
Thank you, Kenny. My shoulders are doing OK - I *have* to play once in a while for my sanity but I know I shouldn't and suffer for it afterwards Frown

I had to play something and this fantastic track appeared just as I was looking for something to record! Perfect timing, sir!
May 27 2016 08:07:26
BossHenBossHen Great feel and sound .. hope your shoulder doesn't doesn't pay the price
May 26 2016 23:27:30
JeebsieJeebsie Good feel and really great push and pullsmile.gif
May 26 2016 23:05:58
GirardGirard Killer as usual!!!! Sorry about your shoulder! That sucks!
May 26 2016 22:33:45
YoWildYoWild Cool smile.gif
May 26 2016 21:34:22
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler very goodsmile.gif
+1 May 26 2016 21:36:56 Lenny Cowlermpointon
Thank you, Lenny! smile.gif
May 26 2016 21:04:35
FunkystanFunkystan Top take... Compression on the snare works really well... Thanks Martin^^
+1 May 26 2016 21:08:06 Funkystanmpointon
Thanks, Stan. Luckily, Kenny's wav was really easy to 'read'!
May 26 2016 20:48:09
JDFJDF Sounds studio quality man. Very tight sounding. Love your sound smile.gif
+1 May 26 2016 20:56:13 JDFmpointon
Thanks, man. This track has a heavy compressor on the snare and a fairly hefty multiband compressor on the kit. I don't normally do that but it seemed to work for this.
Sounds like: [ AC/DC ] [ Phil Rudd ] [ Chad Smith ]

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