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Lenny Cowler
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Already had played with Frank and lenny, on that occasion played Mulambo bass..
Now I come back to get the 300 Jams, along with Stan, Tullio, and my beloved and dear Akch...
I have had that it rectified and corrected some details that escaped me in my previous jam...
Thank you all for your support
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May 31 2016 20:08:53
tullicbrtullicbr !!!😺!!! Perfect Ivax!!! Wink
+1 June 01 2016 00:16:10 tullicbrivax
Gracias Tullio,gran trabajo el tuyo,me alegro de volver a encontrarnos smile.gif
May 31 2016 13:50:28
FrankMilFrankMil Happy 300Th,
Awesome add man, love it !!!!

+1 June 01 2016 00:15:17 FrankMilivax
Thanks Frank,smile.gif This great work yours is one of my favorites, I never tire of listening and playing
May 31 2016 10:34:38
FunkystanFunkystan Top add Xavi... Australia, Czech Rep, France, Germany, Spain... Musicians are a family with no border. Talking one language, sharing and working together the way everything should be done.
Me alegra. Me gusta tanto escuchar lo que has tocado. Estoy conmovido que hayas elegido esta cancion para "celebrar" tu 300° jam session. Muchas gracias Xavi ^^

+3 June 01 2016 00:12:32 Funkystanivax
This is the essence of Wikiloops... All in a pineapple, all with the same purpose, us, as we do, with the music smile.gif...Es nuestro lenguaje,universal,
incondicional...Gracias por compartir vuestro arte Stan smile.gif
May 31 2016 09:27:30
radusradus Very good song! Congrats smile.gif
+1 June 01 2016 00:06:25 radusivax
Thanks Radus smile.gif very grateful
May 31 2016 08:11:07
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Congratulations for 300 great jams Xavi! This is a great piece for the 300rs !! smile.gif
+1 June 01 2016 00:05:30 frankyguitarivax
Thanks Franky,very happy,smile.gif have your friendship
May 31 2016 04:49:00
MilesCoyneMilesCoyne Amazingly sweet song
+1 June 01 2016 00:04:21 MilesCoyneivax
thanks Miles smile.gif
May 31 2016 04:37:44
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler Wow!!! Congratulations,fantastic three hundredth add, I very happy that is it with mesmile.gif
+1 June 01 2016 00:03:52 Lenny Cowlerivax
with you was my first Jam here... and this is deserved the chance, thanks my friend smile.gif
May 31 2016 03:11:25
axenvocsaxenvocs sweet
+1 June 01 2016 00:00:14 axenvocsivax
Thanks Axen smile.gif
May 31 2016 03:09:41
AKchenAKchen ♥ ......... 1000 hugs smile.gif
congrats on your 300. jam, wow !!
what awesome playing, so cool smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif
THANK YOU so much dear Ivax ...

+2 May 31 2016 23:59:30 AKchenivax
Thanks Akch, I think that had a pending account with you,Grin ,He was looking for a Jam with you long ago, this duo with Stan has been the trigger... I love your poet Angel voice
June 01 2016 08:41:18 AKchenAKchen
thank you so much dear Ivax smile.gif
May 31 2016 02:18:16
WHITEPONGOWHITEPONGO Super jam !!! Awesome ivax !!
+1 May 31 2016 23:54:20 WHITEPONGOivax
Thanks Chris smile.gif

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