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Eric Lebrosse from cherry pit studios mixed and mastered this song for me and james and chris great job guys


July 29 2016 22:24:59
June 09 2016 00:37:36
Dimebag828Dimebag828 this shit is awesome man love the drumming shumdrummer i use your backing to jam to everyday man expect lots of post by me
+2 June 09 2016 02:34:35 Dimebag828SupJax
gogo lol Angry have fun
June 04 2016 08:36:01
HaffastHaffast BRUTAL man! This is TIGHT!!!
June 02 2016 19:32:21
Major 3rdMajor 3rd nice job.....I wish I could mix songs like day!!!!
June 02 2016 19:02:54
SupJaxSupJax are we allowed to jam along? and i am missing description. random project? any ambitions?
don't need to tell you, that you are way overpowered. all 3 of you. i guess Wikiloops needs to grow a little more, to get a bigger metalhead crowd. because 6 likes is uhh, yea. ultimate xD
good to see people giving a listen now

if in the need of an advice: don't wait for reviews. go get it

+1 June 03 2016 05:49:55 SupJaxshumdrummer
Feel free to add
June 09 2016 00:41:30 SupJaxDimebag828
this is the first song i found on wiki loops... also is the song that inspired me to start recording again!!!! smile.gif
June 02 2016 18:31:41
slynch1967slynch1967 Awesome!
June 02 2016 18:25:23
MarceysMarceys That's tight alright! smile.gif cool track! smile.gif
June 02 2016 17:57:22
cody trippcody tripp Freakin' Killer
June 02 2016 17:47:54
kennyadrykennyadry the best metal thing I have ever heard on here. Totally a work of pro by all here.
+2 June 02 2016 17:53:32 kennyadryshumdrummer
Thanks man we've been working at it real hard lately
June 02 2016 17:54:51 kennyadrykennyadry
This kind of music is worth the penny man.
June 02 2016 18:51:13 kennyadrySupJax
you need a little journey through oldish Loops Kenny smile.gif some gems around

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