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So I'm digging around looking for worthy CD tracks and found this, a one year old thing I never finished as planned.

There are many great versions by others, but I opted for this one because it gave me a bit more space.

I added an intro, midway solo, and little outro on it. Feel free to add to it because it still needs more. Vocals would make my day, or even my week =)

Thanks go out to Martin and Gary who star on this version.


June 06 2016 21:12:29
FrankieJFrankieJ Nice!
+1 June 06 2016 23:39:19 FrankieJPsycho
Thanks Frankie... memories of a year ago smile.gif
June 05 2016 18:24:26
KMstarKMstar Great lead bruce! Awesome job!
+1 June 06 2016 23:38:17 KMstarPsycho
Thanks my friend... was a good time track smile.gif
June 05 2016 15:40:20
jimkaroljimkarol smooth!
+1 June 05 2016 16:10:23 jimkarolPsycho
Thanks Jim... must try and take care of unfinished business smile.gif
June 06 2016 18:54:14 jimkaroljimkarol
I hear ya.. I'll bet a piano add would be good on it too.
June 05 2016 00:42:08
allgirlallgirl as usual, you did a really good job with this one, Psycho. Nice track behind you, also.
+1 June 05 2016 03:31:02 allgirlPsycho
Thanks Paidra... an oldie that many haven't heard... maybe it's good to break out an old one every so often? smile.gif
June 05 2016 00:21:51
StellaStella I'm humming Chris Rea along to it "This is the road to hell"
+1 June 05 2016 03:28:47 StellaPsycho
I hadn't heard that, so I went and listened, it does sound very close. I should have broke out the slide... thanks Stella smile.gif
June 05 2016 14:15:34 StellaStella
Nah sounds really good smile.gif
June 05 2016 14:23:53 StellaPsycho
See the abu comment Grin Grin
June 05 2016 15:00:50 StellaStella
Huh? Oh Bruce, he must have deleted hoo :'(
June 05 2016 15:03:46 StellaStella
My ancestors got kicked out of Scotland for fighting, it's in the dna #Braveheart #NoSurrender Grin
June 04 2016 23:38:48
petebasspetebass Hey Psy,super job , on both adds,smile.gifWink
+1 June 05 2016 03:27:01 petebassPsycho
Thanks Pete... always meant to add a lead on this, just plain forgot. I think I'll spend some time doing a little digging through my old stuff smile.gif
June 04 2016 23:04:39
pklieschpkliesch Great one, Bruce! smile.gif
+1 June 05 2016 03:25:03 pklieschPsycho
Thanks Pat, makes me wonder what other unfinished business I have here smile.gif
June 04 2016 23:03:30
davidaustindavidaustin cool track Bruce.
+1 June 05 2016 03:24:09 davidaustinPsycho
Thanks David... it's getting bad when you can't remember what you had done here a day later, let alone a
June 05 2016 07:29:17 davidaustindavidaustin
your not alone... I found some sheets of music a few days ago and thought jeez did I play that!!!
June 04 2016 21:40:14
AKchenAKchen so cool !! smile.gif
+1 June 05 2016 03:22:36 AKchenPsycho
Thanks AK... really glad you took in a listen smile.gif
June 04 2016 21:17:37
garymcmillgarymcmill Glad you brought this one back. Great sound on the guitar!
+1 June 05 2016 03:21:17 garymcmillPsycho
Thanks Gary... again super bass on this. Yeah, I had forgotten all about it. I have too much junk here now. I may do some more
Sounds like: [ unplugged ] [ ballad ]
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