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Thank you Bruce for the wonderful drums track.
A melodic theme with use of synth and a Hammond intro, then great space for solos ... I hope in your adds.

Thank you for listening


June 19 2016 09:51:39
onewholeftonewholeft Great stuff
+1 June 19 2016 22:41:15 onewholeftStef
Thanks a lot Keith! Your vocal add is fabulous! smile.gif
June 16 2016 04:52:01
PeixePeixe So beautiful Stef!!! Brings joy and peace for the soul!!! Thanks for sharing your art.
+1 June 16 2016 08:48:07 PeixeStef
Thank you so much Marcelo! It's what you also have strong within you ... It's your beautiful music that tells me so! smile.gif
June 16 2016 14:56:34 PeixePeixe
Only few have this Stef.
It is so good to find people that "talk" the same musical language and understand the messages we are trying to transmit through our songs. Thank you for lending your ears to my art smile.gif
June 10 2016 09:31:39
LieschingLiesching Wonderful, Stefano! Love the peaceful vibe! Bravissimo.
+1 June 10 2016 20:06:40 LieschingStef
Dear Marc, thank you for these kind words! Dear Marc, thank you for These kind words! I hope to hear again soon your wonderful piano.
June 10 2016 05:05:47
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler fantasticsmile.gif
+1 June 10 2016 20:04:12 Lenny CowlerStef
Thank you so much my friend! smile.gif
June 09 2016 21:45:46
aleonzaleonz Sweet heartfelt sensitive play Stef! what a great way to come back in loops, is to find this kind of lovely track!
+1 June 10 2016 20:03:49 aleonzStef
Thanks a lot Dear Alice! smile.gif
June 09 2016 20:01:06
PaulBOwensPaulBOwens beautiful work Stef smile.gif
+1 June 10 2016 20:03:17 PaulBOwensStef
Thank you so much dear Paul! smile.gif
June 08 2016 13:42:18
jimkaroljimkarol Great work!!
+1 June 08 2016 14:58:32 jimkarolStef
Thanks a lot Jim! smile.gif
June 08 2016 13:40:01
jjdfjjdf fantastic template maestro Stef.... celestial stuff you delivered here my friend!!! smile.gif congrats!
+1 June 08 2016 14:57:24 jjdfStef
My dear Joao, really thanks for your beautiful words! You are always very kind! smile.gif
June 08 2016 13:24:04
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Hey Stef, I came back from Psy's add.
This is so wonderful, so heartfelt. In the right mood I could cry smile.gif

+1 June 08 2016 14:54:15 frankyguitarStef
Dear Franky, try to give emotions is the thing that counts most of all for me. Thank you so much for your beautiful words! smile.gif
June 08 2016 04:21:41
GirardGirard Great sweeping feelings Stef! Very much Genesis-ish
+1 June 08 2016 10:33:27 GirardStef
Thank you so much Girard! Thanks again for the great add! smile.gif
June 08 2016 10:38:49 GirardGirard
I don't remember the last time I felt so eager to do an add! Those were some great keys!
Sounds like: [ Hammond ]

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