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I fell in love with this song when I first heard it a few days ago. Beautiful singing by JDF, reminds me a bit of REM, and the guys did so well with their parts! So I went for cut a log story short, the whole band has been busy behind the scenes on working this one out. I have reached a point though where I no longer know what to tweak - every time I adjust one thing, it effects another, it is. Please let me know what you think about the mix, and if it required, I will do another mix later. So here it is, enjoy. Peace, TGshow lyrics


June 21 2016 05:38:00
francisco alfrancisco al bom trabalho legal
+1 June 21 2016 09:08:05 francisco alTG_Strat
Thank you Francisco smile.gif
June 09 2016 21:25:13
aduadu It´s a cool Song Guys. I've never been thinking about the fact that you could have so much fun.
When I upload these templates, then the first is boring. But that great here is to wikiloops that very many creative minds are here on the road, which can conjure up something "boring" very interesting. Many thanks to you all. And now TG .... great work on your guitar and mixing. I am pleased that you have added your creativity and your ability! Thanks man. smile.gif

+2 June 09 2016 22:43:01 aduTG_Strat
Thank YOU!!
June 08 2016 17:23:26
Ernie440Ernie440 Hey TG, cool version of JDF's tune .. your guitar part is super groovy man, nice playin broski! smile.gif Like it a lot! The strings are a nice touch too.
+1 June 08 2016 17:37:37 Ernie440TG_Strat
Thanks man! And I did turn up the bass more than before, I hope you noticed it Wink
June 08 2016 17:38:41 Ernie440Ernie440
LOL, you're a good man!! I did. smile.gif smile.gif
June 08 2016 07:23:05
rp3drumsrp3drums 1st off, vocals sound great. I really like the soft strings in the chorus, and your guitar add sounds perfect. The rhythm guitar is high end, I know because I mixed it as well and it was tricky, but the end result is good. I think sometimes you have to stop while your ahead with the whole mixing me it sounds good! And yes a great song... thanks for joining...
+1 June 08 2016 07:43:48 rp3drumsTG_Strat
Thanks man! I did what you suggested, including a bit more high end to the drums, I hope you can hear it. It is great when you get help on the mixing!
June 08 2016 08:12:45 rp3drumsrp3drums
yeah, I noticed... sounds really good. It also helps you appreciate what they do in professional studios...tricky stuff
June 08 2016 08:33:57 rp3drumsTG_Strat
Yes, this is one of the revelations I had since starting to play here at wikiloops. I have so much admiration now for the sound technicians, I never knew how much they have influence on how a song sounds. I wish I could go and see a real sound engineer work, that would be so cool
June 08 2016 04:22:45
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler very goodsmile.gif
+1 June 08 2016 07:48:34 Lenny CowlerTG_Strat
Thanks man!
June 08 2016 02:27:17
JDFJDF Love what you did with your guitar chops man. Very clean sounding. 1:24 keys in there? I like that idea a lot in there. Glad you decided to jam man smile.gif
+1 June 08 2016 07:47:39 JDFTG_Strat
Thanks, it was a great song to work on, love the lyrics and the vocals. I did mix some cello for the chorus, as rp3drums suggested that the chorus needed some backing. I tried with my guitar but that was too much, so I went with that. Glad you like it, hopefully we'll do another one soon smile.gif
June 08 2016 00:21:37
PsychoPsycho Sounds great TG. Although the vocal is loud enough to overcome the loud rhythm guitar, the guitar seems a tad loud to me. That's the only thing I noticed. I'm a terrible critic and don't like to be one, but I only mention it because you asked. Again, it's a really cool song and work by all smile.gif
+1 June 08 2016 00:27:25 PsychoTG_Strat
I appreciate your comments, no worries there. Thanks, It really helps when people give me input about the mixing, it really does!
June 08 2016 00:00:56
axenvocsaxenvocs Ya this is awesome such good work by all Bravo
+1 June 08 2016 07:48:08 axenvocsTG_Strat
Thanks man, appreciate it
Sounds like: [ dire straits ] [ REM ]
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