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ibanez RG 370DX, Guitar Rig 5 Pro VST Plugin for Albeton Live for effects.. no amp used here


June 24 2016 23:22:52
davidaustindavidaustin very cool.
June 23 2016 21:19:22
FrankieJFrankieJ Cool track.
Welcome to the loops.

+1 June 23 2016 23:42:40 FrankieJDimebag828
thanks man expect more from me soon!!
June 22 2016 09:34:37
jmrukkersjmrukkers Cool. Welcome!
+1 June 23 2016 23:43:21 jmrukkersDimebag828
awesome appreciate the feedback
June 15 2016 16:45:55
TofzegritTofzegrit Welcome Dimebag
+1 June 23 2016 23:42:56 TofzegritDimebag828
thanks brother expect more from me soon
June 14 2016 01:29:03
axenvocsaxenvocs Welcome to wiki I will look forward to more jamming from you
+1 June 14 2016 02:27:50 axenvocsDimebag828
you too about to jam out right now
June 13 2016 04:06:04
DickDick the sound is really phat, but you have some slight timing issues there... most importantly: you seem to have some fun around here smile.gif welcome to the 'loops smile.gif
+1 June 13 2016 23:21:33 DickDimebag828
yes thanks for the comment! I only listened to this 4 full times before i recorded this track and it was the first take haha. This was my first time ever trying this cant wait to upload more hope you check them out
June 09 2016 02:37:58
SupJaxSupJax is it just me or really not 140bpm anymore Grin slooow and way heavy sound. some crazyness in middle lol
+1 June 10 2016 03:04:09 SupJaxDimebag828
yes this was the first song i have ever recorded using guitar rig 5 pro plugin for Ableton Live and I am in love with the sound it creates. The only hard part i have using this plugin is that i do not get live playback but I still cant stop my head from bobbing while jamming out to shumdrummer on drums hes a true legend
Sounds like: [ metal heavy metal ]

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