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Pit Brett
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almost the same track as ..few days ago. This time no midi.
Not perfect, but enough practice for today.
Have to meet sunlight :)


June 21 2016 05:15:28
francisco alfrancisco al bom trabalho, legal
June 20 2016 01:30:58
RichardBRichardB ha - great stuff. Very inspiring.
+1 June 20 2016 19:49:02 RichardBPit Brett
thank you Richard smile.gif
June 18 2016 01:47:32
aleonzaleonz my smile just bloomed the moment you step in to the track with that deep low notes, wow! this is so cool Pit!
+1 June 18 2016 13:30:12 aleonzPit Brett
that`s great al. I like your smile smile.gif Have seen it on your vid smile.gif Thank you
June 18 2016 01:19:44
WadeWade Wow some really low notes in there. If anything like playing didgeridoo it wipes out your lips for a few hours (can't play sax afterwards). Love the lines and intent in this. I also have a version (not yet posted).
+1 June 18 2016 13:24:14 WadePit Brett
thank you wade smile.gif Didgeridoo isn`t far away, but for me it is good warm-up for sax.
I heard one old version of you smile.gif
June 19 2016 04:13:04 WadeWade
You must have a lot better "chops"! My lips get "buzzed out" fairly easily. Really like the addition of the rhythm and your bass rendition, so did another take. Haven't listened to the earlier one since posted, so have no idea how similar/dissimilar it may be.
June 18 2016 00:16:44
FishinmissioFishinmissio I am smiling. So out of the
+1 June 18 2016 00:29:11 FishinmissioPit Brett
thank you Mark! smile.gif
June 17 2016 23:15:54
axenvocsaxenvocs Wow man awesome !
+1 June 18 2016 00:29:42 axenvocsPit Brett
thank you for listening axenvox ! smile.gif
June 17 2016 21:24:22
PhénolPhénol That's so loud ! i love
i wanna try this instrument before d*ing
but i'm sure it's not so easy..
Bravo pit =D

+1 June 17 2016 22:40:02 PhénolPit Brett
Merci Phénol smile.gif
maybe we can meet in the eifel in September. I`m not sure but to 90% I will be there.
Would be great! Last year I joined the WL-Meeting and brought a tuba. You are invited to trysmile.gif
June 17 2016 20:09:38
AKchenAKchen suberb, still love it smile.gif
+1 June 17 2016 22:30:38 AKchenPit Brett
Das ist ja nett! Dankeschön AKchen smile.gif
June 17 2016 20:07:00
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler Wow!!! fantastic idea and play,I am absolutely fascinatedsmile.gif
+1 June 17 2016 22:29:57 Lenny CowlerPit Brett
thank you Lenny smile.gif appreciate your listening to this heavy metal horn smile.gif
June 17 2016 20:05:05
MishteriaMishteria Very nice Pit smile.gif
+1 June 17 2016 22:22:26 MishteriaPit Brett
thank you so, Mishteria smile.gif
Sounds like: [ dark ] [ reverb ] [ slow ] [ deep ]

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