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I had melodic sprites surround me when I heard this marvelous work Stef so generously gave us. With that said, it was impossible to hold back. Maybe I rushed it, I'm not sure.

Thanks Maestro =)


July 01 2016 20:04:58
tullicbrtullicbr HOOOOPS!!
On my way smile.gif

+1 July 01 2016 20:15:28 tullicbrPsycho
smile.gif cool !!
June 23 2016 23:31:38
StellaStella I made it the 30th thumb...get in!
Yes Bruce smile.gif
If I move to the USA will you serenade me outside my window...please? Slash style Lol!!! Grin

+1 June 23 2016 23:56:19 StellaPsycho
Well thank you for #30 sweet Stella. And yes, if you move to the US I'd be more than happy to wake up your new neighbors Wink BTW - great new avatar, looking good ... smile.gif
June 21 2016 11:59:18
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Oh Bruce, have missed this fine guitar here ! You and Stef are a great duo! Always it sounds really great you together !!
+1 June 22 2016 00:04:57 frankyguitarPsycho
Thank franky... it's hard to hear even a small part of all the tracks here, but glad you found this one... I think it worked ok, and I'm happy you like it smile.gif
June 20 2016 07:22:20
KellsBellsKellsBells If you rushed into it, I was happy to be rushed into it with you! What a delight to listen to! smile.gif
+1 June 20 2016 16:17:29 KellsBellsPsycho
Hey gal... thanks very much... great to see ya smile.gif
June 19 2016 20:46:10
aleonzaleonz Big Psy, you drawed your signature in this track with a very beautiful way, and that melody line carried such a great emotion, full of sweetness
+1 June 20 2016 02:57:35 aleonzPsycho
Thank you for all the kind comments which give me support Big Al. Yes, believe it or not, you guys have a lot to do with the emotions I convey here smile.gif smile.gif
June 19 2016 13:38:28
RobMRobM Such great emotion in your playing B smile.gif
Beautiful lead mate ! smile.gif

+1 June 19 2016 17:32:24 RobMPsycho
I try... thanks Rob... some nice words buddy smile.gif
June 19 2016 06:16:47
GirardGirard You're bursting at the seams YO!
+1 June 19 2016 17:31:37 GirardPsycho
Right on G... thanks buddy smile.gif
June 20 2016 01:28:35 GirardGirard
No seriously, you are morphing as a player as we all are, and I believe you have entered a new phase of growth and interest.
June 20 2016 03:14:24 GirardPsycho
I hadn't played for about five years before coming here, so I was way out of tune (sorta speak)! No doubt that with the loops being a part of my routine now I practice everyday and have fun doing it because I have all you guys as musical friends to jam with. This place has done more for me in a year than probably ten years in the past. An awesome place and it's tough to miss even a day here smile.gif I think that is the case with most of us addicts !!
June 19 2016 00:48:01
WadeWade Such a distinctive style and sound. Could recognize your playing anytime,anywhere. Glad you came back to this template of yours. Seems now complete with your add on Stef's beautiful harmonic form.
+1 June 19 2016 03:19:45 WadePsycho
It's just a little of me so you will know when I'm smile.gif Thanks Wade... this sure was a wonderful track to play along too !!
June 18 2016 18:28:51
MidoruMidoru Lovely guitar playing, Psy!
+1 June 18 2016 18:46:20 MidoruPsycho
Many thanks Midoru smile.gif listening to the music here and writing comments is one thing I love to do, so maybe I overdo it sometimes. Maybe I'm a sap, but I really appreciate all you guys very much, and what this site means to us all! This track by Stef is proof of how this place and the love of music creates a wonderful camaraderie smile.gif
June 18 2016 16:23:44
RickplayerRickplayer Great add Psycho
+1 June 18 2016 18:40:04 RickplayerPsycho
I thank you very much Rick. I wasn't so sure about this one, but it grows, even on me. And that rarely happens smile.gif
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