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Superb track from Alice - couldn't resist dropping some backbeats in. And I was warmed up after my last add so it was straight in and go for it.

Went for a standard four-on-the-floor disco/dance beat with minimal fills but also kept the hi-hat mainly on off-beats during the busier percussion sections to stop me clashing with the shaker/congas in particular. Really enjoyed laying down this kind of groove to one of Alice's tracks again. :) :)


No reverb or compression on the HD drums.


September 08 2016 17:31:50
CarpenterCarpenter ...irresistible drums, Martin smile.gif
June 28 2016 07:02:39
jaeusmjaeusm Nice drumming! The dance beat works very well here smile.gif
June 25 2016 21:09:33
MarceysMarceys Great to hear you again Martin! This is very cool, just the right flow for the track!
June 24 2016 00:18:26
ivaxivax fantastic Martin smile.gif
June 23 2016 13:43:46
WadeWade Very sensitively done as there's so much in there already.
June 23 2016 09:33:11
kennyadrykennyadry Hoo man.... I wish I could spared my one guitar. tried to get them modified all. NIce to know that you are on a streak Martin! smile.gif I'll be jamming to you guys hopefully soooN!!!!
+1 June 23 2016 10:20:15 kennyadrympointon
Thanks, Kenny! I'm certainly able to play more than I could a couple of weeks ago!

Look forward to your adds when you get your guitars back smile.gif
June 23 2016 01:02:02
aleonzaleonz ay ya yaiyy! you really put a big big smile to my face Martin! somehow I do wish you want to join me on this track, and now it came true! I'm so so Happy t hear your awesome groove on this track Martin, Thank youuu so muchhh, always great to hear you play! WOW
+1 June 23 2016 03:02:35 aleonzmpointon
Thank you, Alice. Your track was irresistible to me. I love your music, your choices, your tastes, your performances - it'll take more than some problem shoulders to stay away from one of your uploads smile.gif smile.gif

Now I have some exercises and warm-up routines to help me play properly without pain and discomfort, I'll be adding more again.

Can't wait. smile.gif I've missed the 'loops.
June 23 2016 00:26:55
PsychoPsycho Well done MP !!
June 22 2016 23:28:38
FunkystanFunkystan Great one...
So you're really back?
If yes... It's cool...^^

+1 June 23 2016 02:59:02 Funkystanmpointon
I never left, Stan. I had to stop playing due to pain and problems but I was always still here. My new exercise and warm-up regime is really helping me play again so I'll hopefully be back to full playing power again soon smile.gif
June 23 2016 09:20:33 FunkystanFunkystan
More than good news to me... smile.gif
June 22 2016 23:10:44
JeebsieJeebsie Good job, Lots of space heresmile.gif
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