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I found this beautiful track from Stef, when I almost went to sleep this early morning, but this track drag myself to my little corner, and sing along, really love the heartfelt a bit mellow feel on this track, hah! I keep mumbling when I'm so sleepy, so I better take some rest now hehehe...

sorry if the mix a bit messy, hope you still can enjoy this slowy thingies...have a wonderful Sunday everyone...

I use the HD file without drums, and let some clear space wide open for anyone who like to join ...and I do hope you join us here...

Thank you for listening
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August 27 2016 05:25:25
PeterpingoPeterpingo What a wonderful song and track. " goosebumps " All Over. smile.gif
+1 August 30 2016 12:34:30 Peterpingoaleonz
Thank you so much Peter!
July 02 2016 08:03:10
MarceysMarceys Melodramatic hearthfelt singing Alice! You can do all types of music! Amazing!
+1 July 02 2016 21:09:02 Marceysaleonz
Hah! this track from Stef contained such a deep wonderful feeling, so good to surfed on the track...Thank you very much Marc!
June 30 2016 08:39:35
LieschingLiesching Love it!... I mean I really LOVE IT !!
+1 June 30 2016 20:43:40 Lieschingaleonz
Marc! thank you so much glad you love it!
June 30 2016 02:39:31
PeixePeixe Yeah Al. I must agree with gwailoah and many others. But your vocals not only break my heart. They fill my eyes with tears everytime I listen to your voice.
Its so much feeling and tenderness, sweetness and deepness. Its a world of musical colors revealing to my senses.
Thank you so much for sharing this and many other gorgeous songs with us. You are "Almazing"

+1 June 30 2016 20:42:33 Peixealeonz
Hey you! thank you very much for always being so kind and sweet to me, and always encourage and support me to do my best for my music...your words means so much for me! and I hope i only give a good tears to your eyes and more great feelin smile.gif
June 30 2016 20:43:15 Peixealeonz
thank you for those new word "almazing", sounds cool to me smile.gif
July 01 2016 00:32:44 PeixePeixe
Always Almazing tears and feelings smile.gifGrin
June 29 2016 09:31:48
gwailoahgwailoah Ah, Alice - yet again your vocals breaks my heart. Great, great, great. smile.gif
+1 June 30 2016 20:39:25 gwailoahaleonz
Brian! thank you so much, awww I hope it break in a very cool way smile.gif thank you for listening Brian!
June 28 2016 22:09:29
goldtop68goldtop68 lovely, you two are a great team
+1 June 30 2016 20:38:30 goldtop68aleonz
GT thank you very much, so good to sing a long with Stef beautiful song
June 27 2016 14:03:59
jjdfjjdf brilliant perform Al!! smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif another one!!! so so so beautiful!smile.gif
+1 June 28 2016 00:31:05 jjdfaleonz
Thank you very much JJ!
June 27 2016 08:58:38
StellaStella Ah Alice 💜 So beautiful x
+1 June 28 2016 00:30:48 Stellaaleonz
Hi Sweet Stella! thank you very much!
June 27 2016 07:22:47
TofzegritTofzegrit I like a lot when your voice got this tone and it's often the one you use on Blues Gospel.
But here, just with the "Rhodes river", that shines so well!
Bravo Alice & Stef

+1 June 28 2016 00:30:28 Tofzegritaleonz
Tof! thank you so much, playin in this song gave that kind of soul gospel feelin, so that voice got to let my deep tone out a bit smile.gif
June 28 2016 00:38:07 TofzegritTofzegrit
This deep tone of yours is killing me smile.gif
June 27 2016 06:52:36
jaeusmjaeusm Very nice vocals! You always do the backing vocals so well, too smile.gif
+1 June 28 2016 00:28:17 jaeusmaleonz
Hi Jason! thank you very much , it's always a fun time building harmonies, one of my fave game to play smile.gif
Sounds like: [ Aleonz ] [ Stef ] [ pop ] [ hammond ] [ vocal ]

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