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There's still some room available for a soloist after the chorus of Goldtop !


June 30 2016 05:34:53
RickplayerRickplayer super cool add titi thanks for joining in
+1 June 30 2016 13:55:55 Rickplayertiti
Thank you Dave !
June 30 2016 02:44:35
goldtop68goldtop68 wonderful playing, you have such a nice tone to your harp playing. by the way I don't remember playing this, I think I'm getting old
+1 June 30 2016 13:55:28 goldtop68titi
We age all Grin
Thanks so much !
June 30 2016 02:40:05
allgirlallgirl wonderful song by all of you. enjoy your work, Titi! not sure why but the "thumbs" button won't work.
+1 June 30 2016 13:54:43 allgirltiti
Thanks Allgirl smile.gif
June 29 2016 21:28:39
StefStef Freewheeling ... this is the Blues! Fantastic jam and your super harp reminds me of the great masters! So good titi! smile.gif
+1 June 29 2016 21:58:04 Steftiti
Thank you Stéfano ! ho ancora strada Wink
June 29 2016 21:25:17
ivaxivax fantastic Titi,great smile.gif
+1 June 29 2016 21:42:23 ivaxtiti
Merci beaucoup Xavi smile.gif
Sorry for España !n Surprise for this cup...
La competición se vuelve más caliente, y es ahora que el fútbol me interesa lol Wink
June 29 2016 21:48:26 ivaxivax
Je,je!!!This time there were no clear ideas,se terminó el DreamTeam ,El fin del TikiTaka,La Italia,gran vencedor,nos arrolló como un trensmile.gif
June 29 2016 21:56:11 ivaxtiti
Una patada en el fourmillière de toda esta pasta me gustaría.
Estoy para el pequeño, el que a hambre... Los franceses son demasiado bien alimentados Grin
June 29 2016 23:35:32 ivaxivax
Aquí en España,tenemos un buen dilema con la politica,el futbol pasaasegundo grado,un 36% de los niños españoles en riesgo de pobreza o exclusión social ,es triste,para un pais que se supone es de primera linea
June 29 2016 20:26:24
GemmyFGemmyF This should NOT be titled Catch the Blues, it should be called "The Blues Done Locomotived right over you"
+1 June 29 2016 21:37:43 GemmyFtiti
Forgive I the friend. I pass by an on-line translator. I am thus lacking verb and conversation.
It is possible that my mix gives me too much presence indeed. Thus forgive I.
For the locomotive I agree Wink
Thank you very much Mr !
June 29 2016 22:30:59 GemmyFGemmyF
Titi I speak in a way that doesn't translate very properly. For that I'm sorry. I am from Texas, I'm not a "hillbilly" but I speak in a slang way in a manner that my dad would speak--who was more from a rural life or his parents might have spoken. I very much liked your piece. I think Rick "gets" my humor on this which is also very "Old Blues Speak"
June 29 2016 23:06:49 GemmyFtiti
No problem my friend. Especially stay such as you are! Change nothingsmile.gif
Thank you for your kind words Wink
June 29 2016 20:20:39
GemmyFGemmyF Nice fellas! Rick, march that baby all day long. If you were a jack hammer think you crack China! Great Steady Pounding. Goldtop and TiTI ya'll is icing baby! S'uh like cake!
+1 June 29 2016 20:26:12 GemmyFtiti
Ah ah smile.gif Merci beaucoup Gemmy !
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