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Unlike my colleagues I took a slightly heavier approach to this magical track.

Thanks Stef =)


July 02 2016 22:05:02
aleonzaleonz You have your great wonderful color Big Psy! that makes you unique smile.gif great signature, that always have a great emotion!
+1 July 02 2016 22:09:12 aleonzPsycho
That's very nice of you to say Big Al... thank you smile.gif
July 02 2016 17:26:09
ivaxivax very good Psych, the approach is fantastic, good work, characteristic of Psych style guitar, as Lairdy says, it's good to have a personal style, that's the beauty of music smile.gif
+1 July 02 2016 17:32:44 ivaxPsycho
Thanks ivax... yes, I know what you mean and I guess it's ok to be recognized smile.gif
July 02 2016 14:32:07
onewholeftonewholeft I still think I would know it's you even if someone else posted it ! 🕵🏻🕵🏻
+1 July 02 2016 16:18:50 onewholeftPsycho
Thanks, I guess that's a good thing to be recognized. I can sure tell when you sing, which is always awesome smile.gif
July 02 2016 13:29:40
titititi Very good Bruce ! Another athmos smile.gif
+1 July 02 2016 16:17:29 titiPsycho
Indeed. I guess it's my thought process to be airy... thanks titi smile.gif
July 02 2016 11:54:53
AKchenAKchen so great, love the way, you´re playing along smile.gif
+1 July 02 2016 16:15:32 AKchenPsycho
Thank you AK... this is such a good track by Stef, that I tried my best to be a follower smile.gif
July 02 2016 10:12:25
WadeWade Different is good! Nothing shy about this.
+1 July 02 2016 16:13:54 WadePsycho
I tried to make it different from the other versions which are very good smile.gif thanks so much Wade !!
July 02 2016 07:48:44
davidaustindavidaustin great style Bruce, laid back and cool.
+1 July 02 2016 16:12:33 davidaustinPsycho
Thanks David, I'm becoming more laid back these days... rock is cool but the message is not the same smile.gif
July 02 2016 06:25:46
mortheolmortheol Nice emotion, hear it and feel it!!
Very nicesmile.gif

+1 July 02 2016 16:11:10 mortheolPsycho
Thanks Mort... it's what I enjoy the most right now. I can only hope the emotion is positive smile.gif
July 02 2016 05:11:57
HaffastHaffast I dig your approach!!! Nice! smile.gif
+1 July 02 2016 16:09:47 HaffastPsycho
Thanks Haff... must be my age now... I'm into the mellow these days smile.gif
July 02 2016 16:32:24 HaffastHaffast
Your age sounds great then! I think it stood out, had punch and still kept the emotion. Nice!
July 02 2016 05:01:03
abuitremoremabuitremorem great Psycho, beautiful smile.gif
+1 July 02 2016 16:08:55 abuitremoremPsycho
Always a big thank you abu for listening to my tracks smile.gif
Sounds like: [ pop ] [ ballad ]
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