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Oh man, good to be back & have a few days off to enjoy the fine music everyone does here !!
One of the first amazing tunes i listened to was this & oh boy, i just wanted to jam along, what a rush !!
I didn't do much other than ''playing along'' but tried to give it a little twist of my own, would give anything to play this live with you guys with a BIG sound, pumping this out like three wild locomotives CHARGING !!…LOL…
Fabulous mix Martin & Kenny, absolutely stunning


October 20 2016 07:49:16
PowellJamzPowellJamz The bass line sounds like violins. It's awesome smile.gif)))))))))
October 13 2016 08:13:23
radusradus Awesome track!
+1 October 13 2016 13:49:18 radusnuno1959
It was one of those cases i simply COULD NOT resist joining in.. Wink
Thanks buddy !
July 04 2016 14:37:04
mpointonmpointon Brilliant play, Nuno! Your unique playing approach works so well adding a huge symphonic ambience to the track. Love it!
+1 July 04 2016 21:46:06 mpointonnuno1959
Thanks Martin, very glad you liked this..
When i first heard it i absolutely LOVED IT & knew i had to join in !!
That drum track of yours & Kenny's guitar are like a LOADED weapon Wink
July 03 2016 02:55:42
Pit BrettPit Brett great to hear you! Excellent individual trademark bass nuno smile.gif
+1 July 03 2016 05:20:31 Pit Brettnuno1959
Glad you liked it Pit, thanks buddy !! Loved the energy of this.. Wink
July 02 2016 22:26:45
RickplayerRickplayer Glad your back nuno you haven't missed a beat great playing
+1 July 02 2016 22:33:31 Rickplayernuno1959
Thanks RP, it's been a little while but feels good to be back Wink
July 02 2016 16:56:14
PsychoPsycho Too good Nuno... an awesome track for sure !!
+1 July 02 2016 17:50:12 Psychonuno1959
Thanks a lot Psy, my feelings exactly when i first heard it !! Wink
July 02 2016 19:31:06 PsychoPsycho
Includes you too Mr. Goofy... lol smile.gif
July 03 2016 01:01:37 Psychonuno1959
Eh, eh, eh…thanks bro !!
July 02 2016 14:11:07
GlezBassGlezBass Good bassline my friend
+1 July 02 2016 14:31:03 GlezBassnuno1959
Thanks Glez, that template mix is SO energising… Wink
July 02 2016 11:16:36
MarceysMarceys Good to hear you again Nuno! Deepness and melodic grooving! Great! smile.gif
+1 July 02 2016 14:30:18 Marceysnuno1959
That guitar & those drums…. there's only so much resisting a guy can do !!
Always good feeling to be here Marceys Wink
July 02 2016 11:00:32
WadeWade So good to have you back. Well you'll get your wish soon to play with Martin. You'll have to come to New Zealand for us to go up to the Philippines for a play with Kenny.
+1 July 02 2016 18:05:12 Wadenuno1959
Oh come on Wade, the least i was expecting was you making your plane pilot ''an offer he couldn't refuse'' so he'd stop en route here & pick him up to bring you both !!
Major disappointment your refusal to embrace your dark side… Grin Grin
July 03 2016 00:31:20 WadeWade
Yea, no problem if I owned the plane. otherwise...? And the dark side?..I've given up telling you I'm your father... and may the farce be with you.
July 03 2016 01:04:50 Wadenuno1959
July 02 2016 10:26:05
cody trippcody tripp Killer !!
+1 July 02 2016 14:25:35 cody trippnuno1959
Glad you had fun, thanks !
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