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July 04 2016 01:41:32
cody trippcody tripp Very Cool
July 03 2016 03:53:35
mortheolmortheol Hummm...Most interesting! Could be a challengesmile.gif
I like it..

+1 July 03 2016 06:42:59 mortheolpiper
LOL...maybe a little too out there? Wink
July 02 2016 20:23:34
KeitonKeiton You have a lot of ideas always. I was enjoyed it smile.gif
+1 July 03 2016 01:11:37 Keitonpiper
Thank you Kei! Grin
July 02 2016 16:51:05
PsychoPsycho Excellent template piper... like that title too.
+1 July 03 2016 01:12:04 Psychopiper
Thank you P! I appreciate you stopping by! Grin
July 02 2016 16:11:48
abuitremoremabuitremorem very cool smile.gif
+1 July 02 2016 16:13:47 abuitremorempiper
Than you very much! smile.gif
July 02 2016 16:01:54
piperpiper They're doing the jitter-bug,lol Wink
July 02 2016 11:04:35
WadeWade Creepy exotic. Good for an entomology doco?
+1 July 02 2016 15:57:56 Wadepiper
hope you didn't have nightmares Wink
July 03 2016 00:13:29 WadeWade
Ha! at our place in Far North Queensland right now. The spiders are bigger than your hand and catch birds (unintentionally), there's pythons and night tiger snakes living in the ceiling (which is good because they keep down the much nastier vermin), there's ticks in the garden that can cause paralysis and give you typhus (I've had it), and crocodiles in the rivers. Doing just fine for critter nightmares...thanks.
July 03 2016 01:13:06 Wadepiper
Shock EWWW! No way!!! LOL, I couldn't do that!
July 03 2016 01:32:34 WadeWade
It's a beautiful place. Real tropical jungle. I like the critters, except the ticks. We don't mess with the crocs.
July 02 2016 07:16:32
GirardGirard This is great. I was thinking earlier how you come up with such wide ranges of auras and themes. This should be really fun to have develop.
July 02 2016 07:12:22
GirardGirard Piper Play Palace? LOL
+1 July 02 2016 15:54:14 Girardpiper
Sounds like: [ Piper play palace ]

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