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Memories of my youth...drunk in a Mexican bar that smelled like piss. OK Kimbo...this is just a warm up for fun. Last 1/4 has some interesting stuff.


August 31 2016 23:07:42
francisco alfrancisco al muito legal Wade
+1 September 01 2016 07:27:48 francisco alWade
A partir de um pouco mais ao norte, mas você começa a idéia.
September 12 2016 17:32:56 francisco alfrancisco al
really like: sax has the wonderful sound
July 04 2016 01:09:03
GemmyFGemmyF Nice one fellahs!
July 03 2016 15:07:03
fannefanne great playing!...was that you who smelled like piss in that Mexican bar quite a few years ago....!!?
+2 July 04 2016 00:46:35 fanneWade
Probably was well. The toilets are usually stuffed so those who can make it to the street do it there. Those who can't make it...
July 05 2016 12:36:16 fannefanne
smile.gif smile.gif
July 03 2016 12:36:56
FishinmissioFishinmissio Fun smile.gif Nice playin Wade smile.gif I never experienced the pissy bar in Mexico, but I got a taste of that smell on the MonoRail at Disney World..
+1 July 04 2016 00:43:24 FishinmissioWade
Hey Mark, you don't know what you're missing. Tecate Beer makes for the best fragrance.
July 04 2016 01:08:05 FishinmissioGemmyF
was just at Mount Bonelle in Austin and no where to go, and the fragrance of previous people in the same predicament keep me in check! Went for the dumb and dumber move in the car.
July 03 2016 02:47:29
Pit BrettPit Brett class expressive with joy of playing. Great jam with you and kimbo smile.gif
+1 July 04 2016 00:37:33 Pit BrettWade
Thanks Pit. Soon the three of us can play together LIVE!
July 03 2016 00:14:31
GlezBassGlezBass Great sax line Wade
+1 July 03 2016 01:41:12 GlezBassWade
What do you think...needs a real Latin bass line?
July 03 2016 02:00:30 GlezBassGlezBass
Perhaps...he he
July 02 2016 21:33:26
aleonzaleonz the way your sax flowing on this track gave that great time picture from your youth memories, fun, joy, and free spirit feelin, bit wild , and its impossible not to enjoyed this track wade!
+1 July 03 2016 01:40:32 aleonzWade
Thanks Alice! Yes it had a bit of those Mexican memories in it. All for fun.
July 02 2016 20:18:16
KeitonKeiton Long time no see Wade how are you? great playing always smile.gif
+1 July 03 2016 01:39:20 KeitonWade
Thanks Keiton. It's just a bit of fun. Gald you enjoyed.
July 02 2016 19:00:32
earlstevenearlsteven i know is possible enjoing live, great job wade and kimbo
+1 July 03 2016 01:38:45 earlstevenWade
We'll see what we can do with in a live setting. Looking forward to it!
July 02 2016 17:09:22
ivaxivax fantastic Wade smile.gif
+2 July 03 2016 01:37:31 ivaxWade
Thanks for the listen Xavi!
July 03 2016 13:51:40 ivaxivax
It is a pleasure for me, I still have in my mind while we were in Torrevieja,my ears echoes the sopranino

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