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Great Stuff guys !! Thank you very much !! So sorry Pete, but had to do this.
I turned this nice thing into a hardcore prog fusion funk, or so LOL !! Enjoy my typical craziness :-)


July 10 2016 13:38:16
TG_StratTG_Strat Wow this is really good Franky! I love the progrock thing you did!! The keys are great too, Franky Wakeman Grin . Only shame is the sound, I wonder if it is only my speakers as nobody else commented on this, but here it is terribly clipped. I wonder if you could ask Pete for the single track and re-mix it with lower levels, I think it would sound really good.
+1 July 10 2016 15:35:14 TG_Stratfrankyguitar
Hey TG, Thanx my friend! LOL Franky Wakemann Grin He is a giant!! Ron (Mortheol) added some guitar and has Pete writing a PM for his solo part for a better mix! I can send every single track I've done. So WE Hope for a better mix! smile.gif
July 10 2016 15:37:57 TG_StratTG_Strat
Cool! Yes, Mortheol should do a remix with his guitar in it as well. I am sure it is going to sound great!
July 10 2016 10:36:46
GirardGirard Cool deal Franky
+1 July 10 2016 10:42:02 Girardfrankyguitar
Hey hey, thanx my mansmile.gif
July 10 2016 10:32:49
onewholeftonewholeft Hey Franky sounds real good mate ! What guitar do you have ?
+1 July 10 2016 10:40:06 onewholeftfrankyguitar
Thanx a lot Keith! smile.gif. This one is played with my PRS SE Semihollow.
Also I play a Yamaha ERG 112 and for harder stuff the HB Progressive 8 String, okay I try to play LOL
July 10 2016 04:36:40
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler supersmile.gif
+1 July 10 2016 08:55:33 Lenny Cowlerfrankyguitar
Thank you very much Lenny! I always appreciate your listen!! smile.gif
July 10 2016 04:22:05
mortheolmortheol Awesome Franky...I really liked this.
The organ is so cool!!smile.gif
Incoming add...some more Funkfusion..LOLGrin

+1 July 10 2016 08:57:49 mortheolfrankyguitar
YEAH! Thank you so much Ron !!
I will listen it immediately smile.gif
Funkfusion is cooool Grin
July 10 2016 02:01:52
ivaxivax Great Franky,smile.gif
you play always some fun and interesting things

+1 July 10 2016 08:54:17 ivaxfrankyguitar
Thanx very much Xavi! I'm always proud If I read your words my friend!! smile.gif
July 10 2016 01:33:58
FurlanoFurlano Wooooooo !!! You mixed ELP and Fripp !
+1 July 10 2016 08:52:15 Furlanofrankyguitar
Hey Nono, longer time not see my friend. Thank You very very much! Both are heros for me, till today! ! I' so happy You think so Grin Thank you smile.gif
July 09 2016 23:58:01
petebasspetebass Hey Frankysmile.gifNo need to be sorry, I love it,great playing, and some cool weird stuff-Super!!smile.gifWink
+1 July 10 2016 00:04:07 petebassfrankyguitar
Hey Pete, thanx my friend!! Yes, this is my crazy weird stuff! To make this kind of music is huge fun for me.
July 10 2016 00:08:15 petebasspetebass
July 09 2016 23:28:21
RobMRobM No need to apologise for great music my friend smile.gif
+1 July 10 2016 00:00:55 RobMfrankyguitar
Hey Rob, thanx so much !! Maybe has Pete more pure funky stuff in mind. This place is awesome, everybody can do what have in mind! smile.gif
July 10 2016 00:04:45 RobMRobM
This place truly is one of a kind my friend smile.gif
July 09 2016 23:13:58
abuitremoremabuitremorem in meinen Ohren tönt es fantastisch smile.gif
+1 July 09 2016 23:57:49 abuitremoremfrankyguitar
Dankeschön Rene!! Freut mich riesig !! smile.gif
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