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cody tripp
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Hope you may enjoy :) played with the ant flute :)


July 13 2016 14:19:06
PewiPewi This music is good ! thanks for it!
+0 July 18 2016 03:29:11 PewiHiFiFlutes
Thank you pewi, You are very welcome, Thank you for fine compliment ! smile.gif
July 13 2016 01:01:16
cody trippcody tripp VERY COOL
+0 July 13 2016 07:08:50 cody trippHiFiFlutes
Thanks Cody. Without you life would be so bland.. smile.gif
July 13 2016 00:50:25
petebasspetebass Cool playing Chrissmile.gifWink
+0 July 13 2016 07:07:13 petebassHiFiFlutes
Many thanks Mr. Pete ): Cheers to more beers and good times smile.gif
July 12 2016 23:32:59
PsychoPsycho Great play... very well done melody to cody's track !!
+0 July 13 2016 07:05:33 PsychoHiFiFlutes
Hey thanks my friend, I got laryngitis smile.gif LOL
July 12 2016 23:16:09
abuitremoremabuitremorem great smile.gif
+0 July 13 2016 07:04:37 abuitremoremHiFiFlutes
Hey thanks Abu... Glad you like this "springy" music smile.gif I sure like to play this with my cool "Ant hollowed stick" Much appreciated my friend. BTW I really am happy to have you as a loyal friend / follower smile.gif
July 12 2016 22:52:31
francisco alfrancisco al muito legal bom trabalho
+0 July 13 2016 07:01:49 francisco alHiFiFlutes
smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif Thank you my friend !

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