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I wrote this almost 20 years ago, and don't have a legible recording of it, so I did my best to re-record it. I added drums but the HD is guitar only.

Anything goes guys!

May this torrid world of ours get a grip =)


July 16 2016 13:14:32
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Another one from your jewelery box ! Very nice Bruce!! smile.gif
+1 July 16 2016 19:06:17 frankyguitarPsycho
Hello franky, thanks good buddy. I see you have been working hard. I sure know the feeling, time for us to take a break, right smile.gif
July 16 2016 19:59:29 frankyguitarfrankyguitar
Oh yes, a breake is good! Now I had dinner and this evening I will have some fine music from my Record player and good Whisky Grin
July 16 2016 12:48:17
ivaxivax fantastic Psychsmile.gif
+1 July 16 2016 19:04:30 ivaxPsycho
Thanks ivax, good friend... a little rough on the acoustic these days, but it sounded better unplugged smile.gif
July 16 2016 10:54:14
onewholeftonewholeft I don't remember this one ! But the I didn't know you 20 yrs ago 🤓🤓🤓
+1 July 16 2016 11:52:11 onewholeftPsycho
Lol... no you didn't, but I had it on my own website (which no longer exists) back then smile.gif
July 16 2016 10:17:48
StefStef Very nice ballad Bruce! Good music never gets
+1 July 16 2016 19:03:13 StefPsycho
That's very kind of you to say Stef... than you my friend !! smile.gif
July 16 2016 10:10:05
jimkaroljimkarol Real Nice Bruce! .. what this world needs is more music like this smile.gif
+1 July 16 2016 19:02:18 jimkarolPsycho
This ugly world is why I posted it now. I've had it lurking for awhile. Peaceful music fits well these days smile.gif Thanks !!
July 16 2016 08:49:58
WadeWade Very sweet and likely to get some add that will take it further along.
+1 July 16 2016 18:59:44 WadePsycho
Sweet? I guess it is... but not like me to be too soft though... lol thanks Wade smile.gif
July 17 2016 13:55:57 WadeWade
Sweet as in teenage innocence. I'd imagine that 20 years has made you a bit...well...crusty.
July 17 2016 14:04:20 WadePsycho
Indeed... it's taken a year to scrape some of that off smile.gif
July 16 2016 05:58:36
axenvocsaxenvocs It's awesome
+1 July 16 2016 18:58:31 axenvocsPsycho
Thanks very much axen smile.gif
July 16 2016 01:57:19
KeitonKeiton 50 years ago, 20 years ago and in the future this sound is immortal. I'm suresmile.gif
July 15 2016 23:39:43
StellaStella Wow Bruce...20 years old...and you still remember it? (I sometimes get my three sons names mixed up lol!)
Nice track smile.gif

+1 July 15 2016 23:45:02 StellaPsycho
I remember a lot of things. But I do have an old recording of this which gave me the idea to share it. I simply re-recorded it because the old one is terrible and not repairable smile.gif Thanks !!
July 15 2016 23:22:44
abuitremoremabuitremorem It sounds great Psycho. But it fascinates me that you kept a piece for 20 years smile.gif))
+1 July 15 2016 23:32:06 abuitremoremPsycho
I have a lot of stuff going back 35+ years. Most is in my head before I ever recorded, but this one I did record back at the turn of the century. The original is very rough with more instruments. I don't know why I picked this... I don't know why I do many Thanks very much for the listen smile.gif
July 15 2016 23:46:39 abuitremoremabuitremorem
I admire that - great
Sounds like: [ unplugged ] [ ballad ]

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