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Guggemusig is a very swiss music

There are different qualities. Many can not play an instrument. This is a special sound. I tried this with the guitar to the track of Pewi. I played with a lot of pleasure. Wanted to cancel the deal. Guitar not fit. Then I let my track backwards ongoing (start 0:50) so I seem to be able to approach the target :) + Floyd settings my Daw. I hope that this inability can fit :) :) :)


July 28 2016 22:42:52
badprimerbadprimer Sounds real good, really gives it a fullness.
Interesting music.

+1 July 29 2016 00:42:18 badprimerabuitremorem
thank you Bad smile.gif
July 23 2016 00:14:59
LoBiasLoBias It blends in very well Rene - at first I thought it was a sax ! It adds to the party vibe smile.gif
+1 July 23 2016 02:11:06 LoBiasabuitremorem
Thank you Steve smile.gif
July 17 2016 06:43:34
jjdfjjdf perfect chaos Grin Grin Grin !!!! strange!...but I enjoyed!!! smile.gif
+1 July 17 2016 08:59:29 jjdfabuitremorem
Thank you smile.gifsmile.gifsmile.gif
July 16 2016 06:43:05
carlottiscarlottis the truth is that it sounds fantastic, thank you very much, super !!!
+1 July 16 2016 07:15:59 carlottisabuitremorem
Thank you very much. That is very nice smile.gif
July 16 2016 05:47:56
josepssvjosepssv JAsaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAZZZZZ!!!
+1 July 16 2016 07:15:14 josepssvabuitremorem
Thanks Jose. Some of Guggenmusiken are really very close to the jazz smile.gif
July 16 2016 07:18:01 josepssvjosepssv
I learning smile.gif
July 16 2016 07:21:16 josepssvjosepssv
The term "Gugge" may derive from the Alemannic word "Sack/Tüte" meaning "bag" as the most common explanation. Other unsourced explanations include a term used for a small children's trumpet, a (Swiss German) term for "scream", or the cuckoo's call.
Despite this, the term "Gugge" is used for all kinds of brass instruments played during Fasnacht (Alemannic for "Carnival"Wink. A "Guggemusig" band thus refers to a group of people making music, wearing Carnival masks
July 16 2016 07:23:58 josepssvabuitremorem
yes José smile.gifsmile.gifsmile.gifI regret that I used to play piccolo and has not been in a guggen music.
July 16 2016 05:26:23
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler perfectsmile.gif
+1 July 16 2016 07:13:39 Lenny Cowlerabuitremorem
Thank you Lenny smile.gif
July 16 2016 05:08:03
mortheolmortheol Very Cool Rene!! I like this and I like how did itGrin
+1 July 16 2016 07:13:22 mortheolabuitremorem
Thanks Ron. Have played here for the first time reversed smile.gif
July 16 2016 03:00:10
petebasspetebass Cool track Rene,it all adds to the cool overall soundsmile.gifWink
+1 July 16 2016 07:11:37 petebassabuitremorem
Thank you Pete smile.gif
July 16 2016 01:12:42
PewiPewi da kommen Erinnerungen auf! Richtig gut gemacht, tönt SAUGUT, sehr authentisch, danke!
+1 July 16 2016 07:11:06 Pewiabuitremorem
Zum Spielen war es super - aber beim Mix passte die Gitarre nie. War wohl das schwerste Stück, das ich je gespielt hatte. Mit dem Rückwärtsspiel geht es so halb smile.gif
July 16 2016 00:56:21
BabbazittBabbazitt cool!!!!
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