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I ponder these questions daily.

LYRICS © 2016 GemmyF
If I had a whole lot of money

If I had a whole lot of money
I'd buy myself a great big set of ears
cause all the great singers they've got really big ears
Take for example that Reba McIntrye or Poparatti for that matter
they've got a big set of ears they hear real good they sing

If I had a whole lot of money
I'd by buy myself a great big pair of nostrils
so i could breathe and breathe when I run and never get tired or be deprived of oxygen
cause when you run you need all the air you can get I'd buy myself a great big pair and breathe

If I had a lot of money
I get myself on a stretch machine
so i could play in the NBA
I'd take a shot right over D Wade in a fade or a dunk
I'd take hard over 'lil Bron James and say who's the King Now Lebraun
If had a whole lot of money..........


July 26 2016 01:30:36
FishinmissioFishinmissio Haha..Made me smile smile.gif
July 25 2016 22:59:54
ivaxivax Great Gemmy smile.gif
July 25 2016 20:13:54
petebasspetebass Really cool track Jim,love the lyrics,great fun tracksmile.gifWink
July 25 2016 19:45:00
PsychoPsycho You have a great sense of humor... well done smile.gif
July 25 2016 19:16:32
HiFiFlutesHiFiFlutes LOL !! GREAT smile.gif smile.gif
July 25 2016 18:51:48
Ernie440Ernie440 haha GREAT!! humorous ... smile.gif
+1 July 25 2016 19:22:37 Ernie440GemmyF
yet deep at the same time. Some time it takes the absurd to bring home a truth about humans.
July 25 2016 19:28:56 Ernie440Ernie440
true enuff - was watching some botched plastic surgeries on youtube just a couple nites ago ... krazy!
July 25 2016 19:40:18 Ernie440GemmyF
wow!!! fix a flat
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