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yes, Christophe I got in the trap, but I´m not alone :) there a 2 of me with delay-FX...
I hope it`s not too much
If requested I can provided single tracks...

thank you Tofzegritgit, WHITTEPONGO and Haddock


July 28 2016 13:13:59
PewiPewi Du scheinst dich in den unterschiedlichsten Musikrichtungen mit den unterschiedlichsten Instrumenten sehr wohl zu fühlen, bin ziemlich beeindruckt!!smile.gif
+1 July 28 2016 14:57:52 PewiPit Brett
das hört sich gut smile.gif Vielen Dank Peter!
manchmal ist es ganz einfach... , kennst Du bestimmt auch.
July 28 2016 11:07:32
haddockhaddock It's not too much, I think it's beautiful!
+0 July 28 2016 14:54:09 haddockPit Brett
thank you, I`am glad you like it smile.gif
July 28 2016 10:05:04
AKchenAKchen eine fantastische Atmosphäre, die du hier schaffst, wow !!!!
July 28 2016 04:08:14
piperpiper Really nice piece Pitt smile.gif
+1 July 28 2016 08:26:58 piperPit Brett
thank you piper smile.gif
July 28 2016 02:24:23
GemmyFGemmyF What a horrible trap! I think I almost got caught in it with you! But I held on tight and hung on for dear life. I'm still here! But I keep playing around the edges of this thing, knowing it might catch me in it. Swept away by the beauty of it. If only I didn't have to see haddock's Avatar up there, something smells like fish. REALLY PRETTY GUYS!
+2 July 28 2016 08:26:35 GemmyFPit Brett
Grin Haha, thank you Gemmy smile.gif
July 28 2016 01:12:24
WHITEPONGOWHITEPONGO Fantastic sax play !! Sounds sooo good !!
+1 July 28 2016 08:25:43 WHITEPONGOPit Brett
It is my great honor to jam with you! Thank you WHITEPONGO smile.gif
July 27 2016 23:59:17
WadeWade Once again working wonders with your musical sensitivity and intuition. Such good voices that blend and weave.
+1 July 28 2016 00:03:27 WadePit Brett
Thank you again for listening!!
I recorded 2 tracks separate. Been kind of lazy... smile.gif
July 28 2016 00:38:47 WadeTofzegrit
Can't wait hearing you crossing your Sax guys smile.gif
July 28 2016 09:43:15 WadeWade
Hard to predict. Easy to blend with yourself, can be difficult to blend with two singers...sometimes works sometimes doesn't.
July 27 2016 23:24:20
TofzegritTofzegrit All was so good, then 01:36 and Hop hop hop !
Beautiful it is Peter,
When Captain has uploaded his remix, I was sure you would be the right man at the right place whatever the instrument.
And as I like a lot the sax, there's a large smile on my face...
What you have done here, you and the guys, is a kind of gift for me.


+1 July 27 2016 23:27:38 TofzegritPit Brett
I`m very glad you like this! Big smile from me smile.gif
July 27 2016 23:05:37
Major 3rdMajor 3rd gorgeous sax work there! nice!
+1 July 27 2016 23:16:44 Major 3rdPit Brett
thank you again for listening Major 3rd! smile.gif
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