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Take a voyage into the Blue Musa with Admiral Tof and Starship First Mate Starling Stella ... you're in for a wild ride!

Beware of the hip where there should be a hop =)


August 05 2016 21:53:28
HiFiFlutesHiFiFlutes Super cool track my friend ! sounds sweet cranked up smile.gif Sounds sweet turned low smile.gif
+1 August 05 2016 22:40:05 HiFiFlutesPsycho
Ya know Chris... I did this on a whim (with Tof's blessing) and it's actually become a favorite smile.gif Thanks again man !!
July 30 2016 02:24:54
nuno1959nuno1959 Psy, Psy, Psy… Raw, gnarly tones & such gusto in your playing !!
Fine add to a fine template/mix, awesome.. Wink

+1 July 30 2016 02:40:16 nuno1959Psycho
Thank you my favorite reptilian bass master. I must say even though this funk stuff is not my strong point, it was a blast and as I hear it more I sorta like it smile.gif
July 30 2016 04:20:03 nuno1959nuno1959
The Funk can be pretty sneaky when luring us to the Dark Side.. Grin
July 29 2016 21:29:55
frankyguitarfrankyguitar OMG !!! !!! You amaze me totally Bruce !! I'm so glad to be here for a short time my friend !! This is killer stuff !! smile.gif
+1 July 29 2016 22:13:33 frankyguitarPsycho
Hi Franky... thanks buddy. I can rock a wah pedal, so this wasn't as tough as it seems. Just the ideas of what to do have always eluded me. But this one just kinda flowed out smile.gif BTW - you must not work too hard my friend! I know the feeling and it's not good for you. I finally got a little break from too much work and man, what a relief !!
July 29 2016 18:38:01
petebasspetebass Hey Psy,what a great track,love your guitar work,very cool smile.gifWink
+1 July 29 2016 22:07:55 petebassPsycho
Thanks Pete... I must have been in the proper frame of mind last night and just didn't know it. I'm fairly new to this style, so I did have a good time with it smile.gif
July 29 2016 14:49:48
frenziefrenzie SUPER!! wow you get funky bruce! Wink
+1 July 29 2016 22:05:50 frenziePsycho
I think it's always been in me, I just never let it loose. I probably overthink these, but really didn't here. Thanks my friend !!
July 29 2016 14:48:34
mortheolmortheol Wow..The Great Psy plays funk! Aint ever heard that beforeGrin Very Good...
I also like the wah..don't hear you use that too muchsmile.gif

+1 July 29 2016 22:03:41 mortheolPsycho
I actually have used the wah since birth, but have laid off it lately as not to over do it smile.gif And to try this funky gig was direct orders from Admiral Tof and his wicked bass, so I had to try this! Thanks Mort !!
July 29 2016 14:04:47
WadeWade wonderful to hear you take on another musical personality. Great fit.
+1 July 29 2016 22:00:19 WadePsycho
Not really sure how this worked, but the response is good so I appreciate you and everyone's very nice comments. It was definitely fun and that's what counts, thanks again Wade !!
July 30 2016 00:21:48 WadeWade
Always a good exercise that I think we all should try when we take on a new musical personality. Too easy to get stuck.
July 29 2016 14:02:15
abuitremoremabuitremorem Oh OH! smile.gifsmile.gifsmile.gif
+1 July 29 2016 21:57:04 abuitremoremPsycho
It's my Prince imitation abu. Don't worry, it's only temporary insanity smile.gif Thanks buddy !!
July 29 2016 22:12:51 abuitremoremabuitremorem
i like it very much smile.gif
July 29 2016 22:14:22 abuitremoremPsycho
Well, thanks again my friend !!
July 29 2016 13:07:59
StefStef I like when you experience ! Great sound so scathing! So good Bruce! smile.gif
+1 July 29 2016 21:55:56 StefPsycho
Yes Stef, I have tried many different things I never dreamed of since coming to the loops. Best website I ever found smile.gif Thanks my friend !!
July 29 2016 09:51:02
FrankieJFrankieJ Another side of Psycho? I like it.
+2 July 29 2016 14:55:38 FrankieJTofzegrit
It was a missionsmile.gif
July 29 2016 21:54:30 FrankieJPsycho
Tof is right, he submitted orders to be funky. Must obey or be exiled. Must thank you Frankie... had some good fun here smile.gif
Sounds like: [ hip hop ] [ electronica ] [ dance ]
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