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Another low budget acoustic ,bit of a Hippie track,nice and mellow,any adds welcome.Hope you like it


August 01 2016 22:18:05
StellaStella You are so talented Petey baby Wink
There's no fakeness with you is there, real guitar and voice, no magic or hocus pocus or computers or anything...just raw recorded talent. Wink

+1 August 01 2016 22:58:00 Stellapetebass
Hi Stelsmile.gifWow! you got me blushing here, well nearly Ha!! thanks loads,and I'm made up you like my stuffsmile.gifWinksmile.gif
August 01 2016 23:24:22 StellaStella
You're just beyond cool...I bet you were a 60's love child Wink
August 01 2016 16:47:09
slonyatkoslonyatko Hey, Pete! Well done job, dude! I'll try it!
+1 August 01 2016 22:54:24 slonyatkopetebass
Hey Slonysmile.gifthanks bro,that will be cool if you dosmile.gifWink
August 01 2016 13:54:41
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Man Pete, your lo-fi series is very authentic and brings me back to the time I was 14, or 16: Thanx buddy !!
+1 August 01 2016 14:01:26 frankyguitarpetebass
Glad it brings happy memories for you buddy,cheers, and chill Ha!!
August 01 2016 05:13:30
2underpar2underpar Loving the lo-fi. You're making it hard for we percussionist... It's going to take a strong imagination to keep pace. Nice job Pete.
+1 August 01 2016 14:16:41 2underparpetebass
Hey Bill,glad you like it, sorry about the varying beat,but these tracks I was just playing into the mic on my tablet,no metronome. I'm just now setting up a mic to run thru my comp into my recording software, so hoprfully any new tracks will ok, beat wise Ha!!!smile.gifWink
August 01 2016 15:05:09 2underpar2underpar
Don't get me wrong, I like the variation of the flow. I would like to see other drummers interpretation of this piece. For myself, I'm heading to the basement to see what I can come up with. To be continued...
August 01 2016 15:38:08 2underparpetebass
Cheers Bill ,I hope it goes easy on you Ha!!
August 01 2016 04:04:04
mortheolmortheol Pete...I really like your voice on this one!
These are so awesome...very cool chord changes and tempo shiftsGrin

+1 August 01 2016 14:23:10 mortheolpetebass
Hey Ronsmile.gif many thanks buddy,I'm real pleased you like it,I'v gotta start tryin my new mic setup,But I'm too laid back,tomorrow will do Ha!!smile.gifWink
August 01 2016 14:30:17 mortheolmortheol
Pete...I think these gems you are making are only going to get better with a new mic setup. I cant wait to hear themGrin
August 01 2016 14:33:51 mortheolpetebass
Thanks loads Ron,big boost for me,cheers buddysmile.gifWink
July 31 2016 22:17:01
frenziefrenzie cool hippie spirit Pete! smile.gif
+1 August 01 2016 14:24:57 frenziepetebass
Hey Frenzsmile.gifWinkcheers bro,smile.gifWink
July 31 2016 20:06:03
abuitremoremabuitremorem cool Pete - You lead here a hippie Renaissance one - new trend smile.gif
+1 August 01 2016 14:27:15 abuitremorempetebass
Hey Rene Ha!! I hope so, A new old trend,peace, love and flowerssmile.gifWink

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