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cody tripp
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cody tripp
22459 Fans | 1060 Jams

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September 05 2016 01:24:42
jamladyjamlady ha, very good idea!
August 05 2016 03:16:49
PsychoPsycho LMFAO !!!!!
August 02 2016 15:42:31
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Excellent cody !! Like AKchen say......
August 02 2016 11:04:21
DickDick This is a nice artistic way of making a statement, I do like that.
Actually, I believe it is one of the purposes and duties of musicians to reflect what is going on in society and politics.
I do hope we can find a way of respecting works that do address this aspect like this track does, without starting big discussions on the different political views we may have. I would hate to see people offend each other because of different opinions, so here is my pledge: Please feel free to communicate your views in music, but let us not start discussing politics on wikiloops in comments or the forum, let's try to respect each others opinions and compete in the arts instead of on opinions.

Great production once again, cody.

August 02 2016 10:51:34
AKchenAKchen it´s not difficult to recognize, what politicians are doing ... to me most are same species Wink
August 02 2016 05:00:52
rp3drumsrp3drums ok, I agree with Danny. The Loops is no place for political commentary (songs yes), that's for Twitter. I will go high, not low, and respond in song smile.gif and as usual Cody great song!
August 02 2016 04:23:47
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler supersmile.gif
August 02 2016 04:21:47
mortheolmortheol I guess it sounds like you might not vote for her...Pfft
LOL...Good one Codysmile.gif

+1 August 02 2016 04:42:59 mortheolcody tripp
actually I'm her campaign manager ha ha
August 02 2016 04:45:29 mortheolmortheol
Oh man...I have lost all respectPfft
August 02 2016 03:44:30
garymcmillgarymcmill Well put together!
August 02 2016 00:23:47
DrumshticksDrumshticks She will tell you the truth weather she knows it or not .Can you imagine Brian Williams doing an interview ? Better truth is found in the National inquirer.
+3 August 02 2016 00:29:53 Drumshtickscody tripp
lol Brian Williams and Hillary. Boy that would be a lie fest

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