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Hope you may enjoy :) Added Plains style native flute. Hope it blends ok. Some days I'm tone deaf to my own :) Anyway this was a whole lot of fun to play along with ! Thanks Guys !! "Big Muddy" is a nickname for the Mississippi River. I live 15 minute drive from the "mighty miss" :)


August 04 2016 11:25:52
StefStef Well now I know that Chris is your name ... you know really blow into your flute all the great feeling of the Blues .... I always imagined the Mississippi river as the symbol of this wonderful music I play since I was 14 years old and I always wondered why I was not born there. A great Blues Flute ! Thank you so much Chris! smile.gif
+1 August 04 2016 23:57:24 StefHiFiFlutes
Hi Stef, Always such supportive words from you smile.gif Thank you ! Yep, I was born in St. Louis, then moved just over the river. been here the whole time smile.gif Love the Blues and the expressiveness permitted by the Blues style smile.gif I love em too ! Thanks Again Stef ! The Blues are in the soul, not a geographic location, I know this from listening to you smile.gif
August 05 2016 00:07:39 StefStef
Thank you smile.gif
August 04 2016 10:56:36
PewiPewi it blends perfect!!
+0 August 04 2016 23:54:00 PewiHiFiFlutes
Thanks my friend smile.gif super fun track to play, glad you liked it !!
August 04 2016 07:40:18
frenziefrenzie Oh wow you are from mississippi so a true delta blues add! smile.gif great stuf hihi very nice jam we got here smile.gif thnx for joining! Very cool smile.gif
+0 August 04 2016 07:46:52 frenzieHiFiFlutes
Hey Frenzie, I live north of Mississippi but by the Mississippi River in Illinois smile.gif It's still pretty muddy up this way smile.gif THX !
August 04 2016 07:49:53 frenzieHiFiFlutes
and thanks lots my friend. Very pleased you dig this play smile.gif
August 04 2016 05:13:44
BothenBothen Mighty fine addition!!!
+0 August 04 2016 07:51:10 BothenHiFiFlutes
Thanks Bothen ! Glad you gave a listen, Happy you dig it ! smile.gif
August 04 2016 05:00:35
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler supersmile.gif
+0 August 04 2016 07:51:49 Lenny CowlerHiFiFlutes
Thank ya kindly Lenny smile.gif much appreciated !
August 04 2016 01:42:52
CCKCCK Nice job. Definitely blended well!!
+1 August 04 2016 02:42:08 CCKHiFiFlutes
Many thanks My friend. I'm pleased you dig it smile.gif Thanks for listening in !
August 04 2016 00:57:36
petebasspetebass Hey Chrissmile.gifSuper buddy,spot on,no tone deafness, and no flying beer bottles Ha!!!smile.gifWink thanks for jamming with ussmile.gif
+0 August 04 2016 02:41:26 petebassHiFiFlutes
LOL. Thanks Heaps Pete smile.gif encouraging words always ): THX !!
August 04 2016 00:52:13
ivaxivax fantastic Chris smile.gif
+0 August 04 2016 02:40:35 ivaxHiFiFlutes
Hi Ivax smile.gif Thanks my friend. So happy you listened in, very pleased you like this play smile.gif
August 04 2016 00:37:12
Major 3rdMajor 3rd beautiful! ;o)
+0 August 04 2016 00:44:16 Major 3rdHiFiFlutes
Thanks my friend smile.gif Glad you dig it ! Super fun music to play !! I Think I'm A Wiki addict smile.gif Beats the other options hands down smile.gif

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