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cody tripp
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Hope you enjoy :) was thinking no power need for these acoustic and wind instruments :) Like the good ole days :) sittin round the cabin :) NOT.. Ill take the power and ac. cannot imagine the good ole days. spoiled on this modern livin I say :)


August 09 2016 19:41:45
garymcmillgarymcmill Very cool add!
+0 August 09 2016 20:14:22 garymcmillHiFiFlutes
Thanks Gary !1 Glad you dig this play.. I sure do love playin it smile.gif
August 09 2016 18:39:09
mortheolmortheol Very Cool
Nice Happy bouncy to lifted my SpiritsGrin

+0 August 09 2016 18:41:05 mortheolHiFiFlutes
Hey ! Thanks my friend, Lifting your spirits lifts my spirits smile.gif So happy with your comment smile.gif THANK YOU ! smile.gif
August 06 2016 02:07:22
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Some nice stuff is going on here!! Very good Chris !! smile.gif
+0 August 06 2016 02:09:48 frankyguitarHiFiFlutes
Thanks franky ! Glad you enjoy this play my friend. nice to have your following smile.gif Love playing with this acoustic stuff smile.gif cool to make music with instruments that require no electricity. thank goodness we have it though. otherwise no wikiland smile.gif
August 06 2016 03:25:39 frankyguitarfrankyguitar
That's it my friend! If I have lost my zinc paste bandage on my left, we will have some nice jams together... smile.gif
August 06 2016 03:35:21 frankyguitarHiFiFlutes
Did you get Burn ? or injury ?
August 06 2016 03:44:15 frankyguitarfrankyguitar
I don't know. Not burn, not injury. I think it's an inflammation, or maybe overtaxing.... Sunday it comes the bandage down, and anoint it .... argh
August 05 2016 00:51:59
petebasspetebass Cool mellow Track Chrissmile.gif
+0 August 05 2016 00:56:34 petebassHiFiFlutes
Thank you Pete . I enjoy play with cody's acoustic smile.gif Glad you dig it my friend smile.gif Cool that some musicians can get together here and do this !! can't imagine life without wikiloops in it smile.gif I'm here to stay ! Hope nothing changes.. EVER smile.gif
August 05 2016 01:03:31 petebasspetebass
I'm with you there chris, smile.gifWinksmile.gif
August 05 2016 00:27:14
cody trippcody tripp Excellent.
+0 August 05 2016 00:37:02 cody trippHiFiFlutes
Hey there smile.gif Glad you like this play my friend smile.gif Thanks for the killer backer !! Love your acoustic play smile.gif
August 04 2016 23:24:28
aleonzaleonz you brought a very sweet nature color to this song Hifi!
+0 August 04 2016 23:26:59 aleonzHiFiFlutes
Hi Alice smile.gif Glad to hear from you ! So happy you enjoy this play. I love to play With Cody's acoustic tracks smile.gif Thanks Again !!

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