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So I snagged PEWI's Flute and speed it up to match my bass line
Then built on that with a rhythm guitar, leadish guitar, synth trumpet and synth sax

NEEDS a live drummer
Some vocals--Van are you out there?


October 20 2016 19:09:21
NewbieSaxNewbieSax This is quite a sweet feat. Sometimes my jaw is lost on your tracks. And these fools just "go sheep." Man, sometimes you exceed the local flair. Good that you dumb it down enough to get picked up for jams. I really learn from you. I have a list of "killer" from you that was left stagnant. It'll probably grow... in time.
+1 October 20 2016 19:23:57 NewbieSaxGemmyF
I think the problem is people see the Loops as a Jam toy where they get to shred the whole song. It'd be great if we could be content to add just a little spice that helps make A gumbo that is .....WOW.... It happens alot, but not enough. We need more horn players that aren't soloists but looking to be a part of something greater than themselves. And really It's great also to have a guy like OliVbee to get a track that was a "solo" and put it in it rightful place for a song. Thanks Adam!
October 23 2016 07:41:38 NewbieSaxNewbieSax
exactly right!! i really dig this one.
August 05 2016 18:50:12
PewiPewi What a cool patchwork ! A wonderful musical kaleidoscopesmile.gif
+1 August 05 2016 18:53:18 PewiGemmyF
heard your playing and thought I needed to play with but no room on the other tracks, so I to create my own. If we could get Van Morrison on it it could be perfect.
August 05 2016 01:35:43
HiFiFlutesHiFiFlutes Marvelous smile.gif
+0 August 05 2016 02:13:41 HiFiFlutesGemmyF
Gracias amigo!
August 05 2016 01:09:53
ivaxivax Fantastic Gemmy.always great creation smile.gif
+1 August 05 2016 01:14:34 ivaxGemmyF
Thanks. Ivax. The lionshare on this is PEWI's great flute playing(sterioded up a bit)
August 05 2016 01:05:59
WHITEPONGOWHITEPONGO Fantastic jam Jim !! You have great talent and refreshing approaches to your music !! Very cool !!
+1 August 05 2016 01:07:32 WHITEPONGOGemmyF
Thanks Chris. Much appreciated coming from you!
Sounds like: [ Van Morrison ] [ jazz rock ]

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