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After listening to this wonderful rock masterfully played by FrankMil and Lenny and sung by an extraordinary Anne I could not resist ...
For two minutes I felt projected into the magical sound of the '70s

It's the last track that I play then I leave for the countryside and for some days off from everything...

I added the Hammond

Thank you FrankMil, Lenny and Anne!


September 08 2016 20:28:13
FurlanoFurlano What a tune !
August 29 2016 21:16:36
AnneCozeanAnneCozean the only excuse i have for no comment is that a train ran over all my fingers. i am better Stef - you are a pulsing, simmering volcano of keys. :46 love those sustains in the middle of the madness! the slow fall at 1:13 - SO GOOD! never heard anyone beat those keys into submission like you do. I fall in love with Frank and Lenny everytime i hear this - your mix is so brilliant, i gotta fall for you, too, Big Brother. i LOVE this piece to death.
+1 August 29 2016 22:56:03 AnneCozeanStef
Thank you Anne, Your reviews are so accurate and wonderful that it's hard to add something ... maybe one thing... I love your Voice !! smile.gif
August 17 2016 22:44:28
R1772R1772 Hi Stef, great and suitable Hammond added!
+0 August 17 2016 23:08:47 R1772Stef
Thank you so much Brother! smile.gif
August 15 2016 19:45:56
Ernie440Ernie440 Crazy good Stef!! What a track!!
+1 August 16 2016 21:37:40 Ernie440Stef
Thank you so much dear Ernie! smile.gif
August 11 2016 11:39:44
GuadañaGuadaña Amazing Hammond Stef!!
+1 August 11 2016 12:43:20 GuadañaStef
Gracias David! smile.gif
August 10 2016 23:18:51
frankiejazzfrankiejazz Grande Stef and friends!
+1 August 11 2016 00:40:15 frankiejazzStef
Grazie Franco!
August 10 2016 22:43:06
WadeWade Love the way you've added all of that excitement that drives this forward. from 0:47 amazing drive...what an incredible run. Then again at 1:52. Very classy.
+2 August 11 2016 00:37:27 WadeStef
Thank you so much Wade. The real amazing drive Is the marvelous voice of Anne. The only thing I could and had to do was give the maximum dynamism to make it stand out even more...if it were possible.
August 11 2016 07:41:48 WadeWade
And so you did!
August 08 2016 23:43:03
francisco alfrancisco al very cool Stef. like that buzzing keys
+1 August 09 2016 00:05:32 francisco alStef
Muito obrigado Francisco!
August 08 2016 19:26:03
PaulBOwensPaulBOwens Great 70s vibe Stef smile.gif
+1 August 09 2016 00:04:05 PaulBOwensStef
Hi Paul, thank you so much! smile.gif
August 08 2016 18:42:26
goldtop68goldtop68 your on fire
+1 August 09 2016 00:03:21 goldtop68Stef
Thanks a lot Jeff! smile.gif
Sounds like: [ Hammond ]
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