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cody tripp
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acoustic Guitar:

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Probably good as it stood, but I like this song and music so I learned the chords. Then added a little acoustic to it. It's a bit full now =) show lyrics


August 11 2016 08:09:07
WadeWade Big lineup and not a disappointment. Fine acoustic work that lets all the rest shine through.
August 11 2016 03:06:12
HiFiFlutesHiFiFlutes Perfect add here Bruce. What a pleasant surprise smile.gif So happy you got into this smile.gif sounds super sweet ! THANKS !!!
+1 August 11 2016 03:12:41 HiFiFlutesPsycho
You and Blue are the featured artists on this one and I think you guys did a great job with this one. I really like the composition and was just tinkering. Then thought why not jam along. Just hope it's not too much smile.gif Thanks Chris !!
August 11 2016 03:17:54 HiFiFlutesHiFiFlutes
Not at all too much, I hear the acoustic real nice, fits like a glove smile.gif
August 11 2016 01:08:53
francisco alfrancisco al bom trabalho Psycho
+1 August 11 2016 02:51:06 francisco alPsycho
I really appreciate it francisco smile.gif
August 11 2016 00:28:58
GuitarPlyrGuitarPlyr Nicely Ac guitar Bruce smile.gif
+1 August 11 2016 02:50:44 GuitarPlyrPsycho
Good to see ya GP... enjoyed this one a bunch... the guys did great on this... way before I thickened it up smile.gif Thanks !!
August 11 2016 00:15:11
BalfoBalfo Heard it and love it, good job Psycho!
+1 August 11 2016 02:49:06 BalfoPsycho
Thanks Balfo, was a good exercise to figure it out smile.gif
August 10 2016 19:52:21
abuitremoremabuitremorem makes the track dense and compact. sounds great smile.gif
+1 August 11 2016 02:48:31 abuitremoremPsycho
Yeah, it filled it up and gave it that dense sound. It really was fine without this, but I love the way this was built smile.gif Thanks abu !!
August 10 2016 19:10:10
davidaustindavidaustin great add Bruce.
+1 August 11 2016 02:46:52 davidaustinPsycho
Thanks David... a good workout all the way around on this one smile.gif
August 10 2016 09:21:44
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Great Bruce ! You know, I like both, thrifty agangements just as dense and compact!! Beautiful work !! smile.gif
+1 August 11 2016 02:46:12 frankyguitarPsycho
I had some minor hiccups figuring out the chords and arrangement on this one, not as easy as I'm used to, but well worth the effort smile.gif Thanks franky !!
August 10 2016 05:29:01
blumartiniblumartini nice add. good job.
+1 August 11 2016 02:42:32 blumartiniPsycho
It's a wonderful song my friend, I enjoyed every second of it. Thanks for the opportunity smile.gif
August 10 2016 04:58:31
AKchenAKchen wonderful add, great track smile.gif
+1 August 11 2016 02:41:30 AKchenPsycho
Thanks AK, was a treat to work on this one smile.gif
Sounds like: [ pop ] [ ballad ]

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