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acoustic Guitar:

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August 15 2016 21:20:16
HiFiFlutesHiFiFlutes WoW! Totally sweet my friend smile.gif wonderful play on a wonderful track ! Really enjoyed this play smile.gif
+1 August 15 2016 22:40:34 HiFiFlutesPsycho
Thanks Chris smile.gif
August 15 2016 12:08:20
GlezBassGlezBass Awesome solo Bruce
+1 August 15 2016 22:40:11 GlezBassPsycho
Thank you Glez smile.gif
August 13 2016 06:36:04
+1 August 14 2016 00:09:57 WHITEPONGOPsycho
Thanks WP... can't say enough how this one touched the heart smile.gif
August 12 2016 23:44:35
FrankieJFrankieJ Ah Bruce, such a sweet melodic touch here.
Very nicely done.
Thanks for joining.

+1 August 13 2016 00:13:29 FrankieJPsycho
Frankie, I'm not sure how to thank you enough for the wonderful work you do here which gives us a chance to play on some very beautiful and so well done tracks. Besides Shi's wonderful song, I've heard most of the other adds and they are all good behind this acoustic guitar (which you have mastered) I can't thank you enough for posting it, and everything else here. I had a blast and cried at the same time. The thanks goes in both directions my friend \m/
August 13 2016 21:44:23 FrankieJFrankieJ
Such kind words.
Thanks man.
August 12 2016 21:23:15
StellaStella I love everything you do Bruce *Sigh* smile.gif
+1 August 13 2016 00:05:44 StellaPsycho
That's quite a compliment Stella girl! What can I say but thank you very much and love the fact you stop by to listen Wink
August 12 2016 21:00:17
ShiShi lovely solo there psycho, very sensitively played smile.gif
+1 August 13 2016 00:02:20 ShiPsycho
Again this is such a pretty song... I hope the little solo was ok? To play on some tracks I try to play with caution !! Thanks for the words, but most of all the wonderful song to try out smile.gif
August 12 2016 19:52:03
frenziefrenzie Yes!! You nailed it! smile.gif
+1 August 12 2016 23:53:59 frenziePsycho
Well, thanks very much frenz... to play on these songs makes me wonder if I went to far sometimes. Sounds like it worked out ok smile.gif
August 12 2016 14:59:24
TG_StratTG_Strat I love your melodic playing...beautiful tone
+1 August 12 2016 23:51:37 TG_StratPsycho
Thank you very much TG. This one really is so good and I tried to did it right smile.gif
August 12 2016 14:50:51
ivaxivax fantastic Psych smile.gif
+1 August 12 2016 23:49:40 ivaxPsycho
Thanks comrade ivax... was a sensitive play, on a beautiful song smile.gif
August 12 2016 13:55:52
PJEPJE Great feeling and sound my friend - bravo smile.gif
+1 August 12 2016 23:48:15 PJEPsycho
Thanks PJ... just couldn't pass this up. Too good a track by these guys smile.gif
Sounds like: [ unplugged ]
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