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Simple rhythmic guitar, simple structure, simple chords, simple man...I´m lucky :) Thank you for listening.


August 29 2016 17:56:54
francisco alfrancisco al bonito trabalho de guitarra aduennwald
+1 August 29 2016 18:01:59 francisco aladu
Hi francisco! Thank you very very much for your nice comment. smile.gif Thumbs up for you !
August 23 2016 14:03:55
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Genau wie Ron sagt René!! Super sound und so wunderbar "sauber" gespielt!! smile.gif
+1 August 23 2016 16:16:47 frankyguitaradu
Vielen Dank Franky aber wer ist Rene? Wink
August 23 2016 20:42:20 frankyguitarfrankyguitar
LOL, ich glaube das Männlein in meinem kleinen schweizer Käse.... Grin sorry für den Burschen, muss ich mich schon wieder fremdschämen. Grin
August 23 2016 20:44:41 frankyguitaradu
Grin hier muss sich keiner fremdschämen, auf jeden fall weiss ich jetzt wen du gemeint hast! Alles gut! Wink
August 19 2016 14:26:02
mortheolmortheol Adu, very nice clean playing and rhythm.
Sometimes simple is the Best!smile.gif

+1 August 19 2016 16:59:21 mortheoladu
Thank you very much smile.gif
August 19 2016 04:54:35
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler great tracksmile.gif
+1 August 19 2016 16:59:05 Lenny Cowleradu
Thanks buddy smile.gif
August 17 2016 08:56:53
pniveiropniveiro Beautiful song !! Clean nice sound smile.gif
+1 August 17 2016 17:24:14 pniveiroadu
Thank you very much pniveiro smile.gif
August 17 2016 06:17:32
jaeusmjaeusm Cool template smile.gif
+1 August 17 2016 17:23:49 jaeusmadu
Thanks a lot smile.gif
August 17 2016 01:53:02
aleonzaleonz To create something wonderful with simple chords and structure that will sticked in the head is one of the greatest gift and talent Adu, you have it in the bone, you always find a way to create a very catchy that gonna leave trace for the ears! and that is wonderful !
+1 August 17 2016 17:44:21 aleonzadu
Thank you very much for your kind words. Sometimes it is "try and error" for hours. I take my sheet comprising the steps of chords. Series to each other and have equal this using my hearing and a rhythm of my current mood. Try a little bit and change, finished the presentation. Sounds crazy, but it's true! Is this talent? Grin
I really enjoy to do it and see wich way it will go. That´s the best thing for me here at the Loops.

Thanks again and i wish you very much inspiration, dear Al. smile.gif
August 17 2016 01:36:23
gwailoahgwailoah Yeah, hear a Tom Petty vocal here, very nice!
+1 August 17 2016 17:25:09 gwailoahadu
yeah, thanks a lot Brian smile.gif
August 16 2016 18:20:23
petebasspetebass Nice one Adusmile.gifWink
+1 August 16 2016 20:01:05 petebassadu
Thank you very much Pete! smile.gif
August 16 2016 16:49:02
jmrukkersjmrukkers Nice one Adu
+1 August 16 2016 17:58:35 jmrukkersadu
Thank you Joe smile.gif
Sounds like: [ Pop ] [ lucky ]

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