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Hope you mat enjoy :) Added plains style native flute.


August 19 2016 19:49:24
PewiPewi played wonderful, I like a lot !smile.gif
August 18 2016 22:10:06
AKchenAKchen I guess, you love the tracks I love ;D wonderful ...
+0 August 18 2016 22:14:55 AKchenHiFiFlutes
smile.gif Yes indeed, on wikiloops there is something for everyone and for every something there is someone smile.gif we like the same somethings smile.gif Happy smile.gif
August 18 2016 22:16:14 AKchenAKchen
August 18 2016 20:15:21
GuitarPlyrGuitarPlyr really nice native flute HF smile.gif
+0 August 18 2016 20:33:22 GuitarPlyrHiFiFlutes
Thank you very much smile.gif I'm Pleased your pleased cuz I aim to Please smile.gif smile.gif
August 18 2016 15:36:33
Ernie440Ernie440 Very nice Chris, your native flute really sounds good on this! U just keep getting better. Thanks for the add, this is cool!
+1 August 18 2016 20:32:25 Ernie440HiFiFlutes
Hi Ernie, Very kind of you to say smile.gif I'm super pleased you dig it and stoked with your comment about improving... Thank you very much ):
August 18 2016 09:43:49
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Great Chris! Very fine how you complements this one! smile.gif You had left a lot of Space for others smile.gif cool one !
+0 August 18 2016 20:31:10 frankyguitarHiFiFlutes
Hey franky ! Thanks my friend. I'm pleased you enjoyed this smile.gif , Yep some room left. I know I'm bad about not leaving room, I try to do better ? THANKS AGAIN !!
August 18 2016 04:28:33
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler very goodsmile.gif
+0 August 18 2016 05:28:32 Lenny CowlerHiFiFlutes
Hey Lenny ! Thanks man !! glad you dig the jam man smile.gif peace !
August 18 2016 04:09:53
PsychoPsycho Dude, you just can't go wrong these days... a great flute you put to this Chris. Thanks very much for playing on this one smile.gif
+0 August 18 2016 05:27:38 PsychoHiFiFlutes
Hey Pshycho smile.gif Thanks man Really nice of you to say smile.gif Super happy you dig this add my friend. I gotta say I loved playin it. I'm really havin fun here. Not tireing of my hobby in the slightest.
August 19 2016 00:38:44 PsychoPsycho
I find it impossible to become tired of music. It's never been a hobby, but a way of life smile.gif !!
August 19 2016 01:43:21 PsychoHiFiFlutes
Yes It has become that.. And I like it !!

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