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Thanks to DFD ,GP and Bassman01,to have a fun time..

not I realized of that were the chords written and threw a little to my way, hope that is audible...
thanks for listening...


August 19 2016 01:42:35
bassman01bassman01 Good trip man tank you
+1 August 19 2016 20:01:35 bassman01ivax
hey Bassman smile.gif thanks for your great bass
August 18 2016 20:29:54
AKchenAKchen cool and swingy Wink
+1 August 18 2016 22:49:13 AKchenivax
Thanks my dear Akch smile.gif
August 18 2016 20:17:56
mortheolmortheol Xavi, Super!smile.gif
01:30 sweet playing and toneGrin

+1 August 18 2016 22:48:38 mortheolivax
hey Ron smile.gif thanks my friend
August 18 2016 19:09:59
GuitarPlyrGuitarPlyr very nice guitars fit with us friend smile.gif agree with aleonz comment, you spice up welldonely
+1 August 18 2016 22:47:27 GuitarPlyrivax
Hey GP smile.gif Thanks my friend,fantastic track that you three do a wonderful job
August 18 2016 12:06:49
akethesnakerakethesnaker Nice playing ivax!smile.gif
+1 August 18 2016 17:16:16 akethesnakerivax
hey Ake smile.gif Thanks my friend
August 18 2016 11:43:33
PJEPJE Wonderful tones in this my friend smile.gif
+1 August 18 2016 17:15:51 PJEivax
Thanks PJ smile.gif very grateful
August 18 2016 09:46:08
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Super Xavi, you added your own fine flavour! Sounds great! smile.gif
+1 August 18 2016 17:15:29 frankyguitarivax
Thanks Franky smile.gif my friend
August 18 2016 08:38:00
aleonzaleonz Hey this is very cool Xavi, that guitar fly fearless through this track, you found just the very great way to spice up the track
+1 August 18 2016 17:14:52 aleonzivax
Thanks my dear Alice smile.gif
I´m glad you like
August 18 2016 08:08:30
PeterpingoPeterpingo I love when music is unpredictable. These chords are really strange but in a perfect way. And your improvisation and themes fits perfectly in the picture. I enjoyed very much, Ivax. My Sympathy is definitely with this song . smile.gif
+1 August 18 2016 17:11:42 Peterpingoivax
JE, je! improvised a dominant in E minor, which I said my ear, seems to be that entered within the schema, smile.gif thanks Peter
August 18 2016 17:28:45 PeterpingoPeterpingo
A minor dominant???? I don´t think good old Wolfgang Amadeus M would approve that. smile.gif A dominant HAS to be a major chord. You bad boy. *LOL*. Anyway it sounds great, ivax. smile.gif
August 18 2016 17:39:45 Peterpingoivax
Heh, heh! safe that I am suspended in theory of the music, Zamacois is would carry the hands to the head je, je! To say key, I am referring to the scale that I ran for the solo, Eminor dorian and pentatonic...Thanks Peter by observation Grin
August 18 2016 05:57:54
HiFiFlutesHiFiFlutes Super sweet jam! Love it ! Great vibe, great guitar Xavi !!
+2 August 18 2016 17:03:52 HiFiFlutesivax
Thanks Chris smile.gif very grateful
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