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Started with some intro chords and managed to get something in a different vibe after that. Than got back to the sort of intro part and than the vibe again.
As a bridge i played something with another feel too and ended with the intro as an outro... :)
After that I layed some clav and brass on some parts to give it something extra..

hope it's cool to play some drums, bass, guitar, saxxes and vocals to it! :)




August 27 2016 07:29:29
k9k9 always good
+1 August 27 2016 11:50:53 k9Marceys
Thanks a lot, and great that you like it! smile.gif
August 26 2016 22:01:34
Pit BrettPit Brett this is amazing Marc! smile.gif
+1 August 27 2016 11:39:22 Pit BrettMarceys
Foundation which will hopefully lead to a great track! smile.gif thanks man! smile.gif
August 26 2016 16:09:05
Guille078Guille078 Nice!
+1 August 26 2016 17:20:24 Guille078Marceys
Thanks a lot! Don't hesitate to join the track! It will need some other adds to become cool! smile.gif
August 26 2016 17:23:44 Guille078Guille078
Yeah, man, im waiting for the drums to add some guitar!
August 26 2016 14:01:37
mpointonmpointon Classic Marc! Superb template, as you always do. Full of challenges, phrasing opportunities and scope to take the track in so many directions.

Not sure when I'll get to my kit next - probably Monday but I'll be on this at some point. Super play!

+1 August 26 2016 17:19:02 mpointonMarceys
That is so great to hear Martin! Tracks like these needs a drummer so very much, and you always know what to do with these gabs! You have the ability to give it structure and foundation for others to join a track! smile.gif
Won't dare to push you in any way but it would be very very cool! smile.gif
Hey man, we will meet next week again! Can't wait! smile.gif cheers! We will have a beer than! smile.gif
August 26 2016 13:45:49
goldtop68goldtop68 nice, I can see a lot of the more advanced players jumping all over this...come on you guys you know who you are !!
August 26 2016 13:45:49
goldtop68goldtop68 nice, I can see a lot of the more advanced players jumping all over this...come on you guys you know who you are !!
+1 August 26 2016 17:15:15 goldtop68Marceys
Thanks goldtop! It would be very cool to hear some players on the track indeed! smile.gif so come on, let me hear you!smile.gif
August 26 2016 12:48:42
abuitremoremabuitremorem Super
+1 August 26 2016 17:14:06 abuitremoremMarceys
Great you like this track man! I am listening it back after an energetic workweek that gave me a lot of energy!
August 26 2016 10:58:33
aleonzaleonz This made a very excellent ride Marc! beautiful chords with a cool vibe, cmon rhtymn sec players jump in! cmon sing it Marc!
+1 August 26 2016 17:12:25 aleonzMarceys
Thanks a lot Alice, this could be something i would sing to..... Maybe we have to do a duet again? smile.gif
August 26 2016 19:41:16 aleonzaleonz
That would be great, been awhile not doing that ,,,just shoot me if you got some idea smile.gif
August 26 2016 05:23:09
AKchenAKchen super !!! smile.gif
+1 August 26 2016 17:10:51 AKchenMarceys
Thanks a lot! Would be great to hear some german vocals here! smile.gif
August 26 2016 03:40:53
MoorMoor Cheers! I hear Stevie Wonder sing on this... Grin top work!
+1 August 26 2016 17:10:22 MoorMarceys
Thanks Moor, Stevie was in my backyard this afternoon and he said he would not be offended if you would take his place for this track! smile.gif so please do! smile.gif smile.gif

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