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Was tough not to join in with a lot of other great tracks created from Ake's acoustic masterpiece. Also Rick and Peter in this lineup. Way cool =)


August 28 2016 06:57:40
francisco alfrancisco al bom trabalho Psycho. legal
+1 August 28 2016 15:13:02 francisco alPsycho
Thank You very much francisco... smile.gif
August 27 2016 18:30:08
fannefanne Cool playing!
+1 August 28 2016 00:58:22 fannePsycho
Thanks John... the lineup before me sure made it a lot easier smile.gif
August 27 2016 02:22:33
akethesnakerakethesnaker Yeah! Nice playing buddy!Wink
+1 August 27 2016 03:08:13 akethesnakerPsycho
You are the southern rock master my friend, and I loved every minute of this one. Sometimes it's a struggle, but this was smooth as silk... thanks for the opportunity my friend smile.gif
August 26 2016 20:05:34
RickplayerRickplayer Double wow this sounds great thanks for joining in.
+1 August 27 2016 03:05:54 RickplayerPsycho
Thanks Rick... it's one thing to have a great track started by Ake, but the rhythm section on this is amazing. I just followed you and Peter. That made it work just right for me smile.gif
August 26 2016 18:45:37
PJEPJE Wow BIG P...the array of complimnts below say it all and are so well deserved my friend .....wonderful and big thank you for joining smile.gifWinkWink
+1 August 27 2016 03:03:21 PJEPsycho
I must tell you Peter, that your percussion skills amaze me, especially the frills you add, just wonderful buddy. Thanks for making this easier to play on smile.gif
August 31 2016 15:28:05 PJEPJE
you are certainly amazing enough yourself but really nice of you to say this Bruce thank you my friend smile.gifsmile.gif
August 26 2016 15:09:28
PewiPewi wonderful guitar sound!smile.gif
+1 August 27 2016 03:01:35 PewiPsycho
Thanks very much Pewi, was a good time for sure smile.gif
August 26 2016 11:37:03
frenziefrenzie Another masterful leadpart on top of this great template result: super! smile.gif smile.gif
+1 August 27 2016 03:01:06 frenziePsycho
Thanks comrade... very nice comment from a fellow (great) guitarist smile.gif
August 26 2016 10:16:55
aleonzaleonz This track just playing in loop for almost 1 hour while I'm doing some paper work , and it just like flowing non stop..listening your mellow gentle track, in this gloomy afternoon, its so great Bog Psy!
+2 August 27 2016 02:59:48 aleonzPsycho
smile.gif Thanks, I'm flattered Big Al... an hour of Psycho is very hard to take, so you are a very tough gal smile.gif
August 26 2016 07:17:17
davidaustindavidaustin awesome tone Bruce, super guitar always a pleasure to hear.
+1 August 27 2016 02:58:07 davidaustinPsycho
Thanks David... the guys ahead of me made it so much easier to drum up ideas and play on this smile.gif
August 26 2016 05:46:14
AKchenAKchen wonderful Bruce smile.gif
+1 August 27 2016 02:56:29 AKchenPsycho
Thanks very much AK... came out ok smile.gif
Sounds like: [ southern ] [ rock ]

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