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September 05 2016 21:19:59
aleonzaleonz Peter! what a sweet gift for this song, that keys give beautiful colors that make the track sounds so lovely! so glad you join us!
+1 September 05 2016 21:32:44 aleonzPeterpingo
I´m always glad to join wonderful people sweet Alice. I Guess....No I´m sure that this Viki-place is one of the absolute sweetest things that has happen to me lately. The joy and the inspiration is so fantastic. Thank you SO much for your kindness. smile.gif
September 05 2016 16:58:54
francisco alfrancisco al bom trabalho Peterpingo. legal
+1 September 05 2016 18:39:32 francisco alPeterpingo
Thank you so much Francisco. smile.gif
September 05 2016 09:33:19
PewiPewi well also at the keys!!
+1 September 05 2016 13:03:18 PewiPeterpingo
Thanks Pewi. The keys was a part of the education as a music teacher. I´ve played a little through the years. smile.gif
September 04 2016 12:30:55
pklieschpkliesch beautiful Addition, Peter! smile.gif
+1 September 04 2016 13:02:35 pklieschPeterpingo
Thank you very much pkliesch. The song as well as your guitar play in it self is very beautiful as a starting point. I am much obliged having the chance to make a little add to this. smile.gif
September 03 2016 11:51:24
Peterson SPeterson S Excellent keyb track man !!! But... Much high ghost freq. Lost all height. Send me separated your track...please. I can reinsert your track at mix and put a little more high freq but none struggle the music.

+1 September 03 2016 12:18:37 Peterson SPeterpingo
Thanks Peterson. I will of course send you the separate track right away. smile.gif
September 03 2016 12:26:54 Peterson SPeterson S
Yeah.. thanks man... a tip.. you make your mix/mast with phone ears ? if yes...or no..make this... check the highs and the EXTRA LOWs, and use a FIX eq for compensate in MASTER CHAIN. Put 3 or 4 tracks in your DAW of complete musics (like cd songs..the police..van halen...mozart...vida loka rick martin) alternate and see if have much diferences of FREQs not volumes... makeup this in EQat chain master and... BINGO you have a step further on a balanced mix. Wink
September 03 2016 12:32:41 Peterson SPeterpingo
Thanks for the advise my friend. The thing is that I actually AM using headphones. That can very well be an issue. When a song sounds perfect in one set of headphones it is not a warranti, that it will be alright on other speakers. I will try to do as you say in the future. Thx man. smile.gif
September 03 2016 04:20:04
HiFiFlutesHiFiFlutes Sounds nice and crispy smile.gif nice work my friend smile.gif
+1 September 03 2016 04:26:16 HiFiFlutesPeterpingo
Thank you very much my true native friend smile.gif
September 03 2016 04:36:39 HiFiFlutesHiFiFlutes
I was born in north America, but 3/4 German and 1/4 Irish ancestry smile.gif I am still a Native American though smile.gif
September 03 2016 17:52:02 HiFiFlutesPeterpingo
Personally will never judge or evaluate a person based on his nationality, race or religion. On the other hand, I think it is important to understand a bit of "yesterday" to be able to understand what is happening "today" it is at that place I think nativity is very interesting my friend. smile.gif
September 03 2016 17:58:52 HiFiFlutesHiFiFlutes
Agreed !! I'm fascinated as well. Studied a lot about this instrument. very interesting smile.gif THX !!
September 03 2016 04:04:23
DannyKDannyK You fixed it and it sounds great! 👍🙂
+0 September 03 2016 04:19:03 DannyKPeterpingo
Thank you so muck Danny. And thank you for "waking me up" *LOL* Don´t know what happend but I think this version is a little more "clear" as well.

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