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Great Track by Ron and David! Thank you for a great journey into the past :-)
I jump in and added 4 guitar tracks. Hope you enjoy :-)


September 06 2016 22:11:55
garymcmillgarymcmill A most excellent add. Enjoyed!
+1 September 06 2016 22:59:34 garymcmillfrankyguitar
Thanx very much Gary !! I'm pleased you enjoyed it. smile.gif I miss new music from you my friend, whats happened ? smile.gif
September 06 2016 23:34:54 garymcmillgarymcmill
Nothing has happened. I've been on wikiloops now for about 1 1/2 years and have 60 uploads. I just take my time.
September 07 2016 00:07:36 garymcmillfrankyguitar
That's good Gary smile.gif
September 06 2016 19:42:47
davidaustindavidaustin Super Super cool franky, great mix.
+1 September 06 2016 20:39:14 davidaustinfrankyguitar
Thanx very much David !! It's great you like it my friend !! smile.gif
Thanx for the great collab with Ron smile.gif
September 06 2016 21:22:33 davidaustindavidaustin
September 06 2016 21:25:33 davidaustinfrankyguitar
September 06 2016 18:45:20
FurlanoFurlano Franky the alchimist !!!
+1 September 06 2016 20:37:48 Furlanofrankyguitar
Hey Nono, great you like it !!
Oh yes, I think you are right, sometimes I put a lot together and see what comes out LOL Grin
September 06 2016 18:37:46
Major 3rdMajor 3rd cool guitar stuff! good template
+1 September 06 2016 20:35:10 Major 3rdfrankyguitar
Thanx very much Major !! smile.gif
September 06 2016 17:19:18
cody trippcody tripp Love It !!!
+1 September 06 2016 17:55:22 cody trippfrankyguitar
Thank you very much Tom ! smile.gif I'm pleased you like it ! smile.gif
September 06 2016 15:36:58
CaroljoyceCaroljoyce Well, I come back here because i can't understand the true meaning of this title: "stroke", does it mean "The caresses of the dinosaurs, it seems strange, doesn't it ? maybe I'm missing something... Wink Wink
+1 September 06 2016 18:07:57 Caroljoycefrankyguitar
Hey Alice, very nice, you don't forgot me Grin

No, what I mean is (accident vasculaire cérébral)
For me it's a synonym for the extinction of the dinosaurs.
From about the second minute I add increasingly disharmonies, which then lead to the 2-3 chords at the end. That is as it were the end of the dinosaurs. smile.gif
September 06 2016 08:55:37
CaroljoyceCaroljoyce God! This track is really interesting. I 'm scared... I'm lucky not to have listened it yesterday night. Bravo !
+1 September 06 2016 09:21:06 Caroljoycefrankyguitar
Merci Alice! Et ne vous inquiétez pas, rien ne se perd ... Je suis très heureux que vous l'aimez! La guitare inhabituelle de David Je trouve très excitant et inspirant smile.gif (babefish translation, is it good? ) smile.gif
September 06 2016 12:26:37 CaroljoyceCaroljoyce
ah ah J'adore ! small correction about your babefish translation (cause i have the feeling to read a text written by the Great Master Yoda of the Jedi : "Je trouve que la guitare (inhabituelle)atypique de David est très inspirante et passionnante."
September 06 2016 13:02:11 Caroljoycefrankyguitar
LOL, I need to find my laser sword master Joda. The machine translators have always problems. In English I can it see mostly good. But sadly I have no idea from French. My son is still laughing about your comparison. But it is a great help for contacting people with different languages. And it seems me this translator is better as this one from google. Thanx Alice smile.gif
September 06 2016 15:27:43 CaroljoyceCaroljoyce
Don't be ashamed with your messages in French, i do appreciate. I only know three words of German language thanks to Arte TV: Guten Tag, Danke und Tschüss !! ;-)
September 06 2016 18:15:47 Caroljoycefrankyguitar
LOL, oh no you had me not ashamed. smile.gif I would only explain, that what I have said. And I love ARTE !! I think, I watch it every day. So I can also some words... like aujourd'hui, or demain. But to write it proper I had use google... LOL Grin
September 06 2016 04:33:58
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler greatsmile.gif
+1 September 06 2016 09:09:36 Lenny Cowlerfrankyguitar
Thank you very much Lenny smile.gif
September 06 2016 03:30:06
mortheolmortheol Frank, Very cool atmospheric track you added onto with Davids great addsmile.gif
Nice work!,,

+1 September 06 2016 09:09:06 mortheolfrankyguitar
Thank you very much Ron! Ich hatte schon beim ersten hören ein paar Ideen, war interessant das alles einzubauen.... smile.gif
September 06 2016 02:46:50
francisco alfrancisco al legal trabalho franky
+1 September 06 2016 09:05:19 francisco alfrankyguitar
Muito obrigado francisco! smile.gif
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