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This is an amazing template by Rob, so I fired up the amp =)


September 12 2016 23:34:13
gwailoahgwailoah Nice!
+1 September 13 2016 01:09:29 gwailoahPsycho
Thanks gw... this has to be a favorite for sure smile.gif
September 12 2016 19:06:56
piperpiper LOL, did I hear that correctly? Cocka doodle doo? Wink
+1 September 13 2016 01:08:32 piperPsycho
Well, either that or a screeching bird... lol. Rob is one heck of a mix monster. Great job for sure... thanks piper smile.gif
September 13 2016 01:39:26 piperpiper
Lol, I thought maybe you got your hand caught in your strings and let out a screech
September 13 2016 02:57:53 piperPsycho
Well, I do get things caught in the strings, but I don't scream, just cringe Wink
September 13 2016 14:16:32 piperpiper
LOL, I'm not even going there! Shock
September 14 2016 00:57:05 piperPsycho
Didn't think you would, but instead you make chocolate chip cookies for us. How very sweet of you smile.gif
September 12 2016 05:59:09
PeixePeixe Hey Psy. This sounds sooooooo good. Great track. Your guitar sound is amazing. Congratulations!!!!
+1 September 13 2016 01:05:41 PeixePsycho
Thanks Peixe, I try to put something in everything I do, like a floating line, hook or harmony. This is such a cool track by Rob, it made life much easier smile.gif
September 12 2016 04:59:37
PewiPewi epic. and again the perfect guitar sound!😎😎
+1 September 13 2016 01:03:04 PewiPsycho
Thank you Pewi... such a cool track and I tried to do it proud smile.gif
September 12 2016 02:31:12
RobAllenRobAllen Psycho, nice leads, thanks.
+1 September 12 2016 02:35:31 RobAllenPsycho
Such fine work you do Rob... it was an honor to try this out. Thanks goes both ways my friend smile.gif
September 11 2016 22:58:32
frankyguitarfrankyguitar This burns like your amp!! Great piece!! Great tone, Great play smile.gif
+1 September 12 2016 02:33:52 frankyguitarPsycho
Was a trip to play on this... thanks franky smile.gif
September 11 2016 22:16:45
ivaxivax Fantastic Psych smile.gif
+1 September 12 2016 02:33:07 ivaxPsycho
Thanks ivax... very cool track by RobAllen. Had some fun with it smile.gif
September 11 2016 22:08:38
frenziefrenzie awaesome long notes they shiver!
+1 September 12 2016 02:32:16 frenziePsycho
I'm a sustain freak... sometimes I don't play enough staccato in my work, but that's me, a bias Thanks frenz smile.gif
September 11 2016 22:02:18
TG_StratTG_Strat Very nice Psycho, wonderful tone you got here. I was going to comment on something, but... not today... I will get spanked Grin Grin No, but really nice, fits well in!!
+1 September 12 2016 02:29:46 TG_StratPsycho
Could it be solo all the way smile.gif It's a bad habit I'm trying to break Wink Thanks TG !!
September 11 2016 22:01:30
pklieschpkliesch Perfect dark soundtrack. Very inspiring, Bruce!
Sounds like: [ rock ] [ fusion ]

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